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    MKV Parts for sale: air filter, fuel filters, head units, VCDS Micro-Can...

    VW's sold, cleaning out Garage Sale: 1x Mann Filter C35 154/1 Air Filter: $10 obo plus actual shipping cost 3x Mann Filter PU 936/2 Fuel Filter: $15 each obo plus actual shipping cost. Come in Duralast box, but are actual Mann Filters, Made in Germany Amsoil EaBP90 By-Pass Oil Filter: $30...
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    6480 - Rad Fan?

    Nothing. I have the same issue with my 06. Apparently vw used an old protocol or computer on some 06 which the microcan obdII does not support.
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    Driver window one touch not working

    It could be that every time you open or close the door your window looses it's programming due to the wiring problem. This is what happens with mine. I can "program" it, it works well for that drive, as soon as I open the door it is reset again.
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    Where to go for injectors

    Buy it from to make sure it legit.
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    2006 Jetta TDI - Quits for no reason

    I too had my 06 quit, stumble, dash lights flicker, or be just dead or die. So dead in fact that not even the hazard lights come on. This all happened within a few weeks. I replaced the relay and have not had any problems since then, nearly 2 months now. Thanks!
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    Tires for Texas concrete: 2009 JSW

    I put mxm4's on my wife's wagon while still living in west Texas and I think they do a pretty decent job. So much so that I now put them on my sedan as well. My wife had contis on her wagon stock, they were not bad, but or course louder in the end.
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    Cold snap

    Cars really don't care about windchill! If it's 5F and you have your car outside that is what the temperature of the car will be, it is not dependent on the wind. Granted it will cool down faster again once stopped if you have a wind blowing, but once again it will only cool down to the real...
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    Misfueling Guard - not liking it

    I have not had it installed on my wife's wagon yet. Is there a problem with adding additives when it is installed? Thanks!
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    Fuel filter 06 jetta TDI

    They are different fillers, -A has a big hole in the middle, -B has a smaller hole. They are not interchangeable.
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    Help with adjusting shifter cables

    Don't you have to lock down the transmission as well?
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    Fuel filter 06 jetta TDI

    This is correct.
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    Fuel filter 06 jetta TDI

    Great, thanks for the hint! I just bought 1, as you said repackaged Mann filter.
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    BRM fuel line clips PN?

    Afaik they are only sold in conjunction with the fuel lines. At least that is what my dealer told me after looking in their parts database...
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    Replacing trunk seals '09 JSW

    I am having the same problem, but I was thinking the pano roof drains were blocked, so I cleaned them. No rain yet to see results..
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    Repairing Sunroof Drains on 2009 JSW I hope mine are not leaking in the roof but rather plugged up in the wheel well...
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    Repairing Sunroof Drains on 2009 JSW

    I have not found any moisture anywhere except in the wheel well, so before I rip stuff apart I think I should just clean the rear drains out. Does anyone one where they are located and how to get at them? Thanks!
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    Repairing Sunroof Drains on 2009 JSW

    Thanks for this information! My wife's spare wheel well was under a couple of inches of water a few weeks ago, I have to check it again, but I am not looking forward to any of this if it is the problem.