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    Changing gage cluster backlight color

    Wow, what a difference. I think my getting older eyes would like me to do that.
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    FS: OEM Navi G

    Your links don't work for me....
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    Compass Motors - Middletown, NY?

    I'll second this. My right front window fell in during a storm last winter. I didn't have a place to work on it out of the snow and they managed to get me in the next morning. I noticed they had washed it, didn't realize till I got home they had used steel wool. Horrible. John B.
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    Windshield Wipers don't work, then work, then don't work...

    Mine was doing that last year. Then they started to slow down, then would nearly move at all. It was the wiper linkage, it freezes up sometimes. Take a look here..... Lots of threads about it. Good luck!
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    Pre-Fest Road Trip: 5000 Miles...

    Looking forward to it. We did meet briefly at the DC Fest, I was checking out your ham setup. I had got my Tech license just before that. Lexington looks nice, I'm sorry I missed it.
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    Pre-Fest Road Trip: 5000 Miles...

    Scott, thanks for taking the time for putting this together. Now that's a travel log. Inspiring! I wasn't able to make the Fest this year but I will for sure next year. It will be easier when I retire 1 Jan after 30 some years in the Air Force. I'm thinking of a nice long road trip, maybe...
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    Bora Decorative Interior Trim breakdown

    Thank you, sir, for this. There's more than I thought. John B.
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    Clima swap

    Thats an amazing time, 5 hours. Nice! John B.
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    FSD with OE springs?

    I did the FSDs and a 1 inch lift on my 01 Jetta about 6 months ago, at around 130,000 miles. Stock springs. I like it a lot. A little firmer ride, seems like less roll, but I also had all the usual suspension replacements done at the same time. You should have no problems!
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    FS: MK IV Jetta E-Code Headlights with Fogs, Sale!

    Email sent. Love to get a set of these. John B.
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    My jetta locked my keys in the car

    In reference to the bad microswitch causing this, I thought it was a "feature". That if the doors were unlocked but the ignition not turned on within X time period that the doors would lock again. Never liked it much, happened to me two months ago. I was able to break into the house and find...
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    To short-shifter or to not-short-shifter?

    I've had my Dieselgeek short shifter in my '01 Jetta for a few months now and I love it. The first time I drove it I had a grin I still have every time I shift. Click, click. And no more whacking the passenger's knee. Installation and adjustment was easy. I recommend it highly. John B.
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    FS: Black Leather/Chrome Shift Knob and Boot HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm up for an S3 5 speed, either silver or black stitching would do. What is your stock situation? Thanks! John B.
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    LMAO — Jetta with a "stack"

    Thanks! Somehow I had missed that. John B.
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    Traction Control(ASR) Need a Ginnie pig

    Yes, that's what I thought, too. Many here have said the change was mid-2001 model year. The chart in the Bentley manual I have here says I should have a MK 20. It really is a MK 60. I've had the car since new. Weird. I'd like to do this before winter. I'll bet it will be fun. John B.
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    Traction Control(ASR) Need a Ginnie pig

    Happy to help keep this very old thread alive! I have an 01 Jetta manufactured 10/2000 with a MK60. I'll be looking for parts and I'm sure I'll be back with questions. Does 1J0 614 417 D sound about right? Many thanks to all who over the years have researched this and given inspiration! John B.
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    FS: Euro full FIS display cluster

    Hi! I'm interested if it's still available. I'm in Newburgh and can pick up. Would like to see a pic, I THINK I know what it looks like..... John B.
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    800+ on a tank, whos with me.

    Hi all, another liar here. Filled up at my usual spot, drove to TDI Fest, drove around down there, came back and drove to work this week. Chickened out at 860.8. Went to the same place, everything the same except it was maybe 5 degrees warmer than when I filled up before. I got 15.7 gallons...
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    Hotel Reservations -- Dulles Hyatt

    Reserved two nights.....Friday and Saturday. Have to head out Sunday morning, unfortunately. John B.
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    Late to the game

    Thank you, sir! I'll register now. I'll call the hotel now, too, if the special rate is still available. Did you end up with the number of room reservations you were hoping to get? As far as the brunch, great, the speakers will be fine, but, damn, love a good brunch! Thanks very much, and hope...