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    RIP: [warning: crushed car pics]

    I think that VW did a terrible job negotiating this settlement. There is no reason these cars should not be allowed to be exported to countries with less stringent emission standards.
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    are buyback checks certified?

    Our VW dealer did not take our buy back check. They gave us the car and gave us a week to come in with a check for the car. Once the check cleared we gave a personal check to the dealer.
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    BOSCH and up-date from HMG (CAS) Attorney

    I also bought their stock at 40 and sold at 50 and change a few months before the dieselgate became public. So made a nice chunk of change there Back in at 30 dollars. VW has been very good to me. Hopefully once they stop report charges for this on their yearly reports their stock will...
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    Goodwill package - customer care will not give replacement cards.

    Well the 500 dollar visa card should have been spent as soon as you got it. We got our card in November of 2015. Spent the Visa immediately. Called in November 2016 to say we lost the dealer card and they sent us a new one minus 5 dollars which we used towards a new All Track in January. I...
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    Will there be a class action suit against Bosch

    Please send me your Bosch Settlement check. As clearly you dont' want it.
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    Bosch Class Action Lawsuit

    I wonder why the 3.0 owners are getting more money. I think we deserve more than 350 dollars.
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    Car replacement

    Plenty of people have said they have bought new VWs in threads. Also a lot of people are buying used. I am sure VW would be even higher if we looked at new vehicle purchases. Also a lot of people rushing to get out of their cars because they had problems with them or didn't like them. I...
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    Visit Baltimore to wave goodbye

    A lot of car manufacturers must be stupid as I see a lot of new cars from Toyota, Mercedes, and Fiat sitting at Port of Baltimore. Also I suppose they must be stupid shipping then here in the first place as I am guessing a ship ride from Germany, Italy or Japan would expose them to salty air...
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    Buyback COMPLETED Car is now in Dealership Lot

    I would think there should be compensation for the stress of them taking two months to give the person the check.
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    If you are considering buyback which cars are you looking at as replacements?

    I wonder what kind of gas mileage it will get. If you can get 40 mpg for it than it would be a great choice as long as isn't too much more than the regular one.
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    Buyback COMPLETED Car is now in Dealership Lot

    You seem to be on of the few people that have a real legitimate beef with the buyback process. They should be forced to provide you with additional compensation for having to wait 2 months for your check.
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    Buyback COMPLETED Car is now in Dealership Lot

    Yeah but if they didn't have my check they weren't getting a car. It seems terrible that they have done this. Why are they not sending you the check?
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    Marylanders With TDI Recalls

    Virginia you have to pay yearly property tax on your car.
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    Marylanders With TDI Recalls

    Highest median per-capita income in the country. New Governor is pretty good.
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    Buyback COMPLETED Car is now in Dealership Lot

    I guess if you enter the wrong mileage or drive a lot more miles than usual after scheduling your appointment and you were right up against the mileage bracket and you paid no consideration to when you enter your miles. Basically a lot of things would have to line up and you would have to bad at...
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    Buyback COMPLETED Car is now in Dealership Lot

    I don't know why so many people still doing ETF. With check you don't have to wait.
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    How cheap will the "new" 2015/16's be? Buyback then buy new?

    Yeah I have bought 4 new motorcycles that were several model years old. Once I heard a rumour that this model Ducati only made for one year had still plenty of motorcycles sitting new at the Ducati warehouse in California two years later. Local dealer didn't even know about it but he called...