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    Motor for air distribution flap

    my 2015 passat had a temp flap moter replaced -- as well as the damaged heater core in Sept 2022. now - less than 2 years later I am starting to see the same problems... and since tthe motor DOES require dash removal - the dealer is charging me hours of labor - just to diagnose my issue...
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    Cracked DPF prevention

    My 2015 passat is at the dealer for this same issue - but they have YET to confirm it is convered under the warranty. first they want to fix the jammed v428air distrition flap moter that is impacting my AC - and they want $3K for that repair. I will send an update tommorrow when the service...
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    '15 Jetta TDI after phase 2 mod

    you say you just completed the phase 2 mod - and now wonder "What did they do to your car? ". Did you save your invoice with the list of repairs itemized ? I am about to take my 2015 passat in for my phase 2 mod - and want to know what to ask or be prepared for. Can someone please share their...
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    filling fuel

    my 2015 does the same thing too.
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    I forgot about the 12/31/18 deadline...

    Zoso, I am in your same situation. I was waiting for my 60K tune up (with oil change) and thats when i was going in for my second and final modification. I do NOT recall ever hearing about any 31 dec deadline -until 10 Jan 2019. Now I have submitted an appeal per their instructions. It is...