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    TDI the 1.8T a dog?

    We rented a gasser while on a FL vacation... It would depend on a couple of things. If i drove a lot on the highway i would get the gasser, it's quiet and the room in the passat is second to none (especially with car seats in the back you dont have to give up any leg room). But at slow speeds...
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    UNOFFICIAL Adblue Heater Element Failure Thread

    1. Not now, no 2. No 3. Sure Mine has the same error and has been on for awhile, i am going to keep my car so i plan on doing the cheap $5 sensor upgrade that is working so far when i have some time and go from there.
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    Broke down on the side of the Hwy on a road trip

    I applaud your list. Next time i plan on saying that to the wife... Honey, Im gonna go get a ford fusion and come home with an A6 and see if i get any reaction....
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    VWGoA Claim website

    Bought mine used for 18,500 over two years ago and they are offering me over 21...
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    VWGoA Claim website

    I had registered mine quite a while back and just got the email today... i had been unaware of this sight until this morning...
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    VWGoA Claim website

    I received the link to the online form this morning and took me through the steps on redeeming the $ for my 2013. You basically can still change your mind but it seems they are trying to get a feel for how many will be doing the buyback and how many will be taking the money and running. Things...
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    PSA on Kessy

    can you tell i have a 1 month old? not exactly with it these days...
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    Passat Replacement based cabin size?

    Yeah i'm 6' and cant imagine going on long drives with most drivers seats pushed forward much... I dread driving her Forrester because the seats are already not comfortable, much less when moving forward 3-4".
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    Passat Replacement based cabin size?

    This, i dont plan on getting rid of my car, but if i had to i would still stick with the passat. There just isnt another sedan with the back seat room as this Passat. With two car seats in the back there are no other cars i can fit comfortably in the front seat (you have to move the front seat...
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    PSA on Kessy

    Ive actually had that happen, our family business is a food distribution business, cooler is at 34 and freezer at -10. Came out to unthaw after inventory one day and it wouldnt work... but the iphone in my car even with the ac on will overheat if it is coming in the windshield, so im not too...
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    Failed water pump, 200 miles past warranty

    Good grief, 2 things, 1. the dealers and their service departments are crap (although you could get it done with the free 500 bucks they have given everyone) 2. Take car to a real mechanic and replace the water pump, for less than the cost of one car payment you are off and running again... I...
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    cc seats will fit 2013 sel premium?

    Already been an extensive thread about this... I miss my A4 jetta recaros everyday... Post 55 ***********CC seat frames fit prefectly to passat seat frames, but this is NOT a plug and play situation, you must completely...
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    Shock absorbers - Labor to replace

    Thanks so much for this thread, the one thing i miss most about my old car are the koni reds that went with them. Finding a shop though that was open to me bringing in my own products was always a little iffy... Now at least i know ballpark where i should be and everything else that i should do...
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    VW radios

    Yes, I upgraded my old ant in my A4 jettas, the FM improved, the am not so much. This was just a cheap ebay upgrade. What year passat? I have the 2013 and i was looking forward to a better radio and it isnt much better... My wife's subaru is incredible compared to mine.
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    New 2015 Passat TDI Highline owner

    The vent thing drives me crazy, everyone that has tried them hates them but the amount of water kick back from the windshield, even during misty times is bad and the water shedding off the roof into the car in the morning is crazy! I cracked the windows this morning and backed out of my...
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    Air Conditioning Fail

    Bought my 13 used at 40k miles last july and have driven it 30,000 miles... everything has been pretty amazing. My income is based on my cars performance to get me to my customers and i'm at over 800,000 miles in 3 different VW's that have really never let me down. Sucks yours has treated you...
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    Need guidance new spring and strut install

    While i would be useless in diagnosing... how is the ride other than the clunk? I miss my konis so bad from my jetta, this thing is great but feels like such a boat sometimes! Hope that isnt considered a hijack i just havent found anyone upgrading yet and am desperate for some info.
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    First time TDI owner - First question...

    That probably is going to cost you more than most of the fixes you have already done... it's all in perspective!
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    VW tire jack

    you definitely get winner for the most over prepared!