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    Looking for Lift pump ring removal tool

    Thanks for the replies.... a gear puller... good idea. Oilhammer.. pardon my stupidity, but, SST number?? I checked the top of the pump again today after about a 40 mile drive, and it didn't look like more had leaked. I wiped it up and will check again tomorrow. Maybe not a problem afterall...
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    Looking for Lift pump ring removal tool

    I replaced my lift pump yesterday and I buggered up the ring getting if off and back on. I was thinking of replacing it. I can get a new one for $17 but I'd rather just have the proper tool to install it. Does anyone know where I can get one and how much they are? I asked the dealer, and they...
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    Jersey Dyno Day with ROCKETCHIP

    Last minute crap always happens to me!!! I will not be making it to Dyno Day...... again. Have fun folks.
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    Jersey Dyno Day with ROCKETCHIP

    I will be there to get tuned. After that, I don't expect to have enough spare $ to get dyno'd too, so I'll have to be satisfied with the tune. Do I need to post elsewhere to get on Jeff's list, or is this sufficient?
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    I want to upgrade my stereo - 04 Jetta

    Hi folks, I have an '04 Jetta TDI with the standard single CD/cassette AM/FM stereo. I hate it. I'm tired of not being able to hook up my ipod. If there's an AUX on my existing stereo, I can't find it. There doesn't seem to be much out there that fits the shape of the original. What have...
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    Please be honest, is this unit any good ??

    Hi McBrew, you have a very impressive setup. Is your conical bottom tank completely draining? How do you prevent glycerol from getting in the wash? How do you prevent wash water from contaminating the next batch and making a bunch of soap? Since you're doing it, I'm sure there are answers to...
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    Please be honest, is this unit any good ??

    I started out making bio in a 2 liter bottle, 1 liter at a time. Then gallons.... then 3 gallon beer making carboys..... then 5 gallon carboys.... then 55 gallon drums. Even if you make fuel in a 5 gallon carboy, you still have to figure out how to: 1) seperate the glycerol and fuel 2) wash the...
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    Please be honest, is this unit any good ??

    IMHO... it looks like a piece of junk. I've been making bio for over 4 years and I know a lot of others that do the same. I've never known anyone who has successfully made/washed/dried fuel consistently in 1 appliance. There's the BioPro, but that starts at about $7500. You can go to the...
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    Another GTG in SE PA?

    I missed the first one, but would love to make this one! Thanx!
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    Homebrew for 2006...

    Evan, there is nothing on your 2006 that needs to be replaced. I've been running mostly B100 in my 2004 PD for years. No problems. Splash blend, and enjoy.
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    PD glow plug reflash dealer info

    I just had my ceramic tipped GPs replace and the ECU flashed this past Thurs. I have the tiptronic auto. It was covered. No problems.
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    Biodiesel for an 03 Jetta Wagon

    Properly made BioD will not harm your vehicle. I have been making my own for 4 years and running it in my '04 TDI, my '04 Dodge 2500 5.9LCummins TD, my brother's '06 Dodge 2500 5.9LCummins TD, a Listeroid 6/1 with generator, a Lambordini (sp?) diesel generator. I use B100 when outside temps...
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    Lansdale PA Beer GTG

    I work in Malvern, so K of P is fine with me.
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    White smoke when driving

    That happened to me with my '04. Ended up being a leaking fuel pump allowing air into the fuel system.
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    Lansdale PA Beer GTG

    I'm in..... Have you picked a date yet? The Blue Dog has a pool table and good food.
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    About to buy 2004 Jetta GLS TDI anything to look for?

    I thought PD engines had 100,000 miles between timing belt changes????
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    Are the falken tires any good?

    I replaced the Falkens with Michelin Primacy MXV4's, but I've got 15" not 17". I love 'em. 60K tread wear too!
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    Anyone in/near Norristown, PA?

    I live off of Line St between rte 463 and 309. It's really in Montgomery Twnshp, even though I have a Lansdale mailing address. I actually used to live in ForgeGate ...... 23 years ago. We'll have to get together for a beer.