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    Fs: Rns 315

    still for sale
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    Fs: Rns 315

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    Premium 7 radio for sale

    Upgraded my stock radio to the RNS 315, so i am selling my Premium 7 head unit part # 1K0-035-180G. Radio is in perfect working condition and in great cosmetic shape, no scratches and no paint peeling on the controls. I also have the radio code. The radio is black with silver controls. It's...
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    RNS 315 install on 2006 Jetta, question about MDI

    Hey guys, need some help. I installed a rns315 over the winter in my 2006 Jetta TDI. Previously had the premium 7 radio with dynaudio amp under driver's seat. I just installed the vw MDI kit in the center armrest. The RNS315 does not recognize the mdi kit. The MDI cord will charge my iphone...
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    F/s dynaudio amp

    For anyone looking for the dynaudio amp upgrade, I have an amp from a CC (part# 3C8-035-456 B) that has been in my MKV Jetta for over two years now. Great sound upgrade, and very easy to install, literally plug and play (only for those who have the factory amp under the driver seat). I'm...
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    OEM xenons installed, fog lights installed, but now parking light error.....

    Thanks for the replies guys - i've been out of town for a few weeks. Yes, you have to have the highline CCM, and my 06' TDI was some type of special addition that came stock with the highline CCM - i got very lucky. In regards to a different pin with the new coding - wouldn't that impact both...
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    OEM xenons installed, fog lights installed, but now parking light error.....

    Hey guys, any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. My 06 Jetta came with regular halogens, and last fall i installed the OEM GTI xenons projectors. I had to get the 10-12 pin adapter, it was literally plug-n-play, and i had to make the vag-com change to register xenons instead of...
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    Dynaudio amp from a CC works in our MKV!!!

    Just wanted to share with my fellow tdi friends who are looking for the elusive passat/EOS amp 3c0-035-456 C/H to replace the stock jetta mkv amp. I read up a bit on this swap for a long time. The CC also has the 10 speaker 600 watt dynaudio option, but the amp number is 3C8-035-456 B. I took...
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    Installed OEM Fogs, now car horn doesn't work - no

    Check the fuses, the fuses are good. Something else that I just noticed, and I am sure this is also related to my fog installation - my windshield washer fluid motor does not work either. I pull the stalk and the wipers go, but no fluid, and no sound. Perhaps I did inadvertently unplug the...
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    MKV w/ oem amp question?

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    MKV w/ oem amp question?

    Thanks bhutchins - I thought about going the dynaudio route, even looked into getting the dynaudio speakers. I added up the cost of a new amp and speakers, or ordering something from The problem is the dynaudio amp alone is extremely hard to come by, and if I just went down to the...
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    MKV w/ oem amp question?

    Hey guys, This summer I will try to upgrade my MKV audio. I have an 06' Jetta with the oem amp under the drivers seat. I want to add an aftermaket 5 channel amp to run the interior speakers (minus the stock woofers), and an Uber-Stealth sub in the trunk. My question is, since I have the oem...
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    Installed OEM Fogs, now car horn doesn't work - no

    yeah, key is on, car is on. I installed the fogs sunday moring, and just noticed the horn issue last night. Perhaps I inadvertently unplugged the horn during the work - where is the plug? in the engine bay or underneath the driver's dash in the cecm? thanks
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    Installed OEM Fogs, now car horn doesn't work - no

    Hey guys, Anyone know what controls the car horn? I have no sound when pressing the horn from the steering wheel. I had to connect wires from the fogs to the computer controls, vag-com to register fogs and replace my headlight switch with a euro switch. I don't remember touching or disconnecting...
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    Dynaudio amp swap for VW amp (POS)

    Anyone know if the Dynaudio amp 3C0-0350456 J will work the same as the popular one ending in C? They look identical, and the connector plugs also look identical. It's rated at 600 watts. I've heard that the amp ending in A is the same but it only pushes 300 watts as oppose to 600 watts - can...
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    HowTo: OEM Bi-Xenon/OEM Fog Lights/CECM Upgrade/LED Euro Tails in a 2010 Jetta Sedan

    I did this swap last Christmas and love my xenons! I haven't connected the extra wire to enable the bixenon functionality yet, I'm just using the separate halogens bulbs for the highs. I purchased my headlight housing from a guy on this forum (skateboy___great guy). And later purchased 4300K...
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    Feeler:TDI's under seat OE external DSS amp [1K6-035-456-A]

    I have a 06' TDI premium 7 non navigation, with the oem amp under the driver's seat (not the dynaudio set up). Part # [1K6-035-456-A]. I may be replacing this amp in the next few weeks, just wanted to see if anyone is interested thanks!
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    OEM xenons vs. Hella Hid-Look Projectors

    Sorry guys, try this link - it shouldn't ask for a membership
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    Question about RCD-510 and stock amp

    Hi have an 06' TDI premium 7 with the stock amplifier under the drive's seat. Not too happy about the stock system, thinking about upgrading my headunit to the RCD-510. Anyone have this same set up and upgrade the headunit to the RCD-510? Was there an improvement in the sound with upgrading...