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    Thank you TDIclub for the help!

    Just wanted to say Thank you to all the great members of that helped me with my TDI! Unfortunately, I needed a lot more help than my wallet could bare, so I eventually parted ways with my BRM TDI. I should have followed the warning signs and avoided the BRM. TOO many headaches. In...
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    Do we have a list of 2010+ compatible wiper blades?

    Maybe its me... But I just bought my own wipers at the dealer for about $30 and put them on myself in 2 minutes. Perfect fit, perfect size, and perfect swipe across the windshield. Its about the same for OEM replacement as it is for other brands. The stealership will probably tell you to bend...
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    Another BRM EGR thread?

    She's going off to the shop now to have the block off plates installed. I'm hoping this is it for awhile... minus the fact that I still have to get it tuned afterwards.
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    Help i dont understand!!

    Have you got the car tuned for the installs you have?
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    Another BRM EGR thread?

    Oh no, the old one didn't hold vacuum and even threw a CEL code for it. P2564 if i recall correctly. Car had almost no power until like 2k rpm. Also, on the highway, it would lunge back in forth with cruise on because it would spool up pressure and then it would leak out and this would cycle...
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    Another BRM EGR thread?

    Its a retrofit. You get the actuator from the new "clean diesel" TDI cars and it fits perfectly. The electrical connection and everything else is exactly the same, just rotated 90 degrees. I bought mine here. You just have to remove the bracket from the old actuator and have it spot welded (not...
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    Another BRM EGR thread?

    Hey guys. So I have a question about my EGR Cooler. I've read lots of threads about blocking off the EGR Valve, but I haven't really found a complete answer on where that leaves the EGR cooler. I know I'd have to have it tuned and I have no problems with that. I know about the legalities of it...
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    Hissing/leaking EGR cooler fixed!

    Does anyone have a link to a sound clip or video of this hissing sound in question? I'm having something going on with no idea what it is... My guess is the EGR cooler as well. I've replaced the actuator on the turbo already so I know for a fact that its not that.
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    Stange tail light issues: PO installed aftermarket one?

    Did you remember to have the pins changed as well as do the VagCom programming? I have the same lights and no issues.... Besides a bulb out error that ONLY seems to happen at night. Holding the brake pedal for 2 seconds gets rid of it.
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    Trunk won't close if I use power opener.

    This happens to me all the time lol. When you close the trunk, hold it down and push down on it a little and you'll actually hear a click when the electronic lock goes and holds it in place. But it does get annoying when you close the trunk and see it pop right back open. It hasn't been too...
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    Decreasing Temperature?

    This turned out to be the Coolant Temperature sensor and thermostat. After replacing those as suggested, I haven't had a problem since with the temperature. Thanks Guys!
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    looking to buy tdi

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    Decreasing Temperature?

    OK so this has been very back and forth, but I really don't think its a thermostat problem. As the car warms up, the temperature just dies and falls back to 0. Then the car has a very rough idle like its trying to warm up and like its holding 1,200 rpm at idle. Then a few minutes later, the...
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    Dealing with BRM problems

    About 8k miles ago.
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    looking to buy tdi

    Cars older 2003 and older do not have camshaft issues. The Passat TDI and 06 Jetta TDI models it may creep up. If a receipt can be provided that the camshaft was changed on the 06 Jetta, it should be good to go for at least another 100k miles.
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    looking to buy tdi

    HPFP failures are on the 09+ Common Rail TDI models with "Clean diesel" technology. Doesn't really apply to the PD models.
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    Jetta TDI Buying Advice Needed

    You can buy my 2006! :D
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    Dealing with BRM problems

    Yeah, my last tank almost all of them for the past couple months have been 30-35mpg. I've been struggling to get more than 500 miles on a tank. My last tank was 47x.x miles pumping in almost 15 gallons. I've only had one tank more than 40mpg on a long trip.... I got 41 i think
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    looking to buy tdi

    Well I got mine for $9995 from a dealership with 95k miles on it. After taxes and everything it was still a little less than $11k. But then add the $500 I spent on the timing belt service etc and it comes out about the same. I ran into issues almost immediately afterwards. The oil changes...
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    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    The price has definitely jumped since the last time almost two weeks ago. Now its $4.19