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  1. Air Cleaner Air Door Shim

    Air Cleaner Air Door Shim

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    BRM cam and Lifters for Sale (Used for 5,000 miles)

    Sold! Thanks guys, I appreciate it. Keith
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    Sold the TDI.

    TT, I think we are on the same page. Not that I doubt my mechanical abilities, nor did the car ever leave me on the side of the road, but I doubted the car. I love playing with my truck. It is not my daily driver. My wife and I, kid each other.... "It's our Corvette" 450 hp and 950 lbft of...
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    Sold the TDI.

    Wow, the Dodge Cummins is my toy. Exhaust parts are missing, MPG went from 16 to 20 on the highway. EGR was also "fixed" No turbo troubles, but I've hit the ceiling for it's potential, so a S372R Bullseye Turbo HTT SS manifold is staged for install! Yes I blew a head gasket, and since the...
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    A5 DSG VAS-6262 filler tool/tube $45

    Sold! Thanks Straighliner!
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    Sold the TDI.

    Battery what:eek:! Acid:confused: Doh!!!! Mach1, Not sure about the TSB, 4 weeks old to me and I've not checked for any Recalls as of yet. Hope your not yanking my chain, like the time you did on the "Toronado"! You Bugger! LOL!!!! No, I'm not getting one for the Prius!:D Thanks! Keith
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    VAG-com worth the $$$?

    Well, you can always take it to the dealer and pay them.... If you are going to do the maintenance youself, then yes it's invaluable.. The Autodown, seatbelt alarm disable, MPG fine tuning, are icing on the cake.
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    Ross Tech Vag Com with Hex-USB+CAN Interface $200 and A5 Bentley Service Manual $35

    Manual is a paper copy. Since someone asked. ISBN 083761364-7
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    BRM cam and Lifters for Sale (Used for 5,000 miles)

    Bump for a great replacement cam.
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    Sold the TDI.

    Cheers all! There are many here that know what they are doing... and there advise has been appreciated. I've learn much from the car and loved the beast. I also, Loathed it... after the time it made me spend with it(in the garage). I must admit, I do miss the power, pulling hills. The prius...
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    10 Quarts of Castrol SLX Pro OE 5w/30 oil $65 shipped

    Castrol SLX Professional OE 5w30 10 quarts, $65 Shipped to the lower 48. Paypal accepted.