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    Hi Guys so whats new turbo wise. Any compounds? Might sell car. make me keep it..

    Yea im driving a audi S6 turbo on Gas (LPG) now. 450bhp and 4wd so is very useable :) . Also the URQ is still getting painted. I really need to chase that one up lol.
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    Hi Guys so whats new turbo wise. Any compounds? Might sell car. make me keep it..

    Hi all. Yea really thinking of selling it. Been parked so long now. I just dont need so many cars. I took the compound setup off tonight and took some pictures. I could email them to someone if they could post them on this thread? PM me. VNt 20 going on for simplisity for next owner etc...
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    diesel des mrk2 golf 200 WHP+ for sale?

    the twins
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    Hi Guys so whats new turbo wise. Any compounds? Might sell car. make me keep it..

    Hi guys. Long time since i have been on here. Whats new with the tdi's. I see 300HP is now here. Great stuff. My car has been in a shed for the last 3-4 years as i have had no time to finish the twin turbo setup. So i might sell it as im not using it...
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    diesel des mrk2 golf 200 WHP+ for sale?

    As title. Car has been parked in shed for 3-4 years. For detals on car search forum. Its a 1990 mrk2 with a custom tdi install. Eg machined pistons PD 150 bottom end with 110 tdi head. 12mm pump. Compound (twin turbos) or vnt20. Buyers choice. Race 520 injectors. FMIC + loads more. LSD...
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    Turbos...who's using what and what did it come off of?

    Simple, run a wastegate too. take it from the egr port. VNT does ok to 4K then wastgate takes over. Best of both worlds...
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    High Failure Rates, Shrinkage and Distortion: Tubular Exhaust Manifolds

    Ohh a 034 manifold from a 5 cyl 20 v turbo. Who has one of those..... Yep i agree tube manifolds do give a lot of problems especially s steel. I like heavy 3mm walled mild steel. Also ugly but strong!!
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    JSP Compound TDI

    The Gt 20 is too small for a 250+ BHP car. But if he wants less than that, ok. The VNt 17 can work on a 300HP engine with the right help from the LP unit. I havent had enough time to fully utilise mine yet but it works well. The 12mm pump is in the post to me so that should help. Here...
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    My litle power enhancement.

    So PUG have caught up and have now moved to VNt on the HDI's. Now they are only 10 years behind TDI lol :) Ok, the LP turbo looks a bit big on the compressor inducer. maybe 25% bigger than mine. I aimed for max efficeincy at a PR of 2.5 with 30 lb min flow. But who is to say what is...
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    HX35 and Borg K39 Combo??

    The hx 35 is about "right/ok" in size. Would want a larger turbine housing.
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    My litle power enhancement.

    HP turbo looks about right. Whats the LP? Compressor size and turbine inducer and exducer.
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    New dyno result 259.4 bhp

    On A GTEC (not accurate but still) i would do 110-112 mph in the 1/4. Thats in a 1150(with me in it)KG Mrk2.
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    Corrado PD130 new dyno numbers

    Hatemi, i had the short to B+ on the maf too. As we are drawing so much air through the maf its outlet gets close to 5v so the ecu thinks their is a wire shorting to 5V! Answer was a larger maf or a diode in the maf wire to lower the voltage by 0.6v and keep the ecu happy. Or dump the maf and...
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    VNT20 Comparison

    There are many different vnt 20's GT22v,s. Some do have different wheels
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    Des does compound (Series AKA "twins") turbo

    still parked up as it been now for months. Im getting a 12mm pump done as we speek ....
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    My setup runs ok. Just need the fuel now, which i am working on....
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    what safe power for my engine?

    220hp? Turbo is now the limmit, but its the largest i recomend on a street car
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    Dynoed 1,9TDI today

    I have a man from the neatherlands on the 12mm pump front right now....
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    My litle power enhancement.

    For a 1.9 tdi to flow lots of air to make lots of power it needs a high boost pressure. No magic inlet/exhaust manifold, cam or head will do as much as another few psi boost. Sure they all help, but we really need 35PSI or 2.5 bar boost at 4.5K to 5k rpm to gave a crack at 300HP. That needs...
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    Dynoed 1,9TDI today

    Yep just the pin broke. I suppose i could have it drilled and repressed. Im just pi$$ed of with it.