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    Enclosed trailer recommendations

    Thanks! If only I really knew what it was going to be used for, so I could get the perfect one! lol One of the things I worry about with those two is that they are now owned by the same company, and it is just a bunch of investors, so profits are the bottom line now, not quality. Also, without...
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    Not our concern, but will VW pay taxes?

    One of the things you sign when you sell the car back gives VW permission to recover the sales tax on the vehicle.
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    Honda Diesel Gives Tesla A Run For The Money!

    The hazing draws attention from the rest.
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    P0401 - cracked DPF long term damage?

    Hard starting might be "frozen intercooler". You haven't given us a location or the temps it happens at, so we can only guess, but do a search and see if it matches. I don't think dpf or egr filter issues cause rough idle, so that might be something completely different. As long as it moves...
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    Hydrogen fuel cell electric cars

    I have something to add regarding H2 fueling stations: I worked for a fuel cell company, and they were able to use fuel cells to create H2 from natural gas and compress it to the proper pressure. The mail fuel cell would produce power and heat for the building or facility where it is located...
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    2015 Ford Fusion Titanium

    It could be on the inboard side, so it might be difficult to see. It is much easier to see when mounted on the balancer.
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    Enclosed trailer recommendations

    Not TDI or car related, but I am sure some of you have experience, so: We are looking into getting an enclosed cargo trailer, probably 8 or 8.5 by 20, with a rear ramp door and 10,000 lb capacity. Not certain we need the 10K, but since I don't really know the weight of the cargo and I think...
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    Pre-Fraud TDI Trade In Value?

    The NADA clean trade in value is what VW is using.
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    Snow tires and wheels for sale.

    Car goes back Friday. Help me clean out the storage room!
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    The age of engine downsizing is over, says Volkswagen

    His opinion echoes a Reuters report last autumn which stated that new emissions tests had exposed flaws in downsized engines. In real life, the report stated, these turbocharged units have a tendency to overheat when their tiny turbos are called on to deliver real-world performance. To combat...
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    FS: Dieselgeek P2015 Intake Flap Motor Fix

    That went quick! Congrats!
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    Taking car to buyback on trailer

    Some providers do require the vehicle to be registered. I don't know if the one VW chose does. Most of the time the tow driver can choose to ignore that requirement.
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    Snow tires and wheels for sale.

    I have a set of shocks, struts, and front springs, if anyone needs to return to a stock suspension. I've also got rear springs with the first coil broken off. I wouldn't install them in a normal car, but they'll work perfectly if you're turning it in.
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    Snow tires and wheels for sale.

    Also have a 1 gallon bottle of XPD and asymmetric mirrors.
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    Volkswagen agrees to deal with unions to cut 30,000 jobs

    Coal Roller, I know you are correct. But, the other side of the story is that there are ways to clean up the NOx. I think the simplified situation is that you can have low CO, low NOx, and low cost/complexity, but you have to choose between two of the three. The part I find most ironic is that...
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    2008 Scoda Octavia 4x4 TDI (RRP)

    Interesting. It looks (to me) like it shares a lot of the Passat's styling. I like it.
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    fix in Europe

    Yes, if they develop a fix afterward there will not be any need. Nobody who hasn't chosen the fix would then decide to have it done. All the buyback cars would have been sitting for over a year, and due to the additional age will be worth little. It does not make sense for them to hold off on...
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    Schaeffer’s Advanced European Performance Oils

    All I know is that it is an American company and is supposed to have some very good oils.
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    2008 Scoda Octavia 4x4 TDI (RRP)

    How does that car compare to the Golf in size? The nose looks kind of like a Passat, but I am not sure what the back looks like. I am trying to figure out what the equivalent VW model is.