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    100,000 + Miles Before Brakes

    The fronts on my past MK5 Jetta TDI lasted 285,000km, so about 177,000 miles. I wouldn't consider that normal, but I know there is a few more TDi'ers on here that have gone further.
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    Went to pick up a Jetta, ended up with a Golf

    Yes they're the same size, I don't think it's anything to worry about. The golf may have come with steel wheels standard. Probably just upgraded to alloys.
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    Went to pick up a Jetta, ended up with a Golf

    Nice looking Golf! Well, you ended up with Jetta wheels anyway!
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    Let's post cheap all season tires for fair weather use.

    Have a look at the General Altimax RT43.
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    TDIclub Secret Society of BMW Owners (SSBMWO)

    I stopped commuting in Jul 2012, so my TDI was sold as my commute went from 140km one way to 6km one way. I also had use of any car on the dealer lot, so didn't need a DD anymore. Last fall, finally got a weekend car to put in the garage, 2002 BMW 330i with Sport Pkg, 5 spd manual. Love the...
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    09 jsw - 6200.00

    When I commuted in my CR, I never got less than 1000km per tank. All highway.
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    your 2 cents new Dodge pick up

    A friend of mine has one, he drives about 40,000 km a year. He's been getting 8.5-9.0L/100km in mixed driving. Always with lots of tires in the bed. So that works out to about 26-27 US MPG. Should beat that on a straight highway run.
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    Is 70 mpg possible?

    Keep in mind most guys on here are recording in US MPG, so at 4.2L/100km you are at 56 mpg. Just to keep apples to apples..
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    Factory Engine Heater on CDN models

    Neither, it's an inline coolant heater just liked the Frostheater, or zero start heater. 550W IIRC.
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    Anybody else think a TDI could do this ?

    Car and Driver magazine did this in about 1998 in a Jetta TDI. I can't remember their time, but it was around 37 hours, as they averaged 75mph. The difference was, is they did not get out of the car...once, it was taped up to make sure they didn't. Two drivers I think. They had another tank...
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    What did you do to your mk6 Jetta today?

    When I had my mk6 those numbers were possible. Not quite what Savageman gets, but 1200km tanks were no problem. Just takes 100km/h, and some patience. Keeps your eyes up, and try to use as little brakes as possible.
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    2003 alh 57 mpg

    The new ones don't get 42 though. I couldn't Even get that low in mine. In fact, the lifetime averages in mine, were very close. Same commute, same driving. MK4 TDI - 48mpg lifetime MK5 BRM TDI - 46 MPG lifetime MK6 TDI - 47 MPG lifetime. Yes the Mk4 could get the best mileage when pushed...
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    Show what you tow!

    Laws in Canada are similar to the US. There is another couple up here that I've seen with an MK5 TDI sedan, that tows a 20 foot airstream that was also set up with Can-Am. They used to tow it with an F-150, and I seem to remember reading somewhere that the Jetta tows it better than the F-150 did.
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    Show what you tow!

    Believe that Jetta towing the Visa trailer is from Can-Am. See here.
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    Recommend me a snow tire

    Blizzak's cannot be beat, but they are soft in my experience. Wear very fast on dry pavement. I've had two sets of Cooper Weathermaster's. Both sets were quiet until the end, and lasted 30-40,000 miles each. Worked well in snow, and less expensive than the Blizzak's. I'd buy them again in a...
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    New BRM in family

    I loved my BRM. I like the MK5 chassis. Have a look at your drivers door wiring harness. My bet it's close to fraying lots of the wires. You'll loose your power windows, mirrors, etc.