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  1. 1756vk build

    1756vk build

  2. Lurchalicious

    10 mm ALH injection pumps - NKY area

    ALL SOLD I have two good working pumps, both 10 mm. One has around 149k when pulled, not ticking or leaking. 175 shipped conus. Other had about 85k when pulled. No ticking or leaking. 225 shipped conus. Sent from my D6503 using Tapatalk
  3. Lurchalicious

    FS (2) 10 mm Bosch Injection Pumps

    I have two used good injection pumps for sale. both 10mm. Not leaking or ticking. One pump was pulled from my personal car at 149K - 175 shipped Other pump was from buying a used engine for the block - approx. 95K on it - 225 shipped.
  4. Lurchalicious

    2002 Jetta TDI 5spd modified GTB1756VK - Richwood, KY $3000

    $3000 OBO - SOLD Price is very negotiable. This car needs work in the lower end. Car is located in Richwood, KY (Northern Kentucky).* At this current time I am trying to sell this as a whole project. * The timeline and life of this car was documented here...
  5. Lurchalicious

    DC's 1756VK-assisted B4

    Not having my block skimmed the first time around left me chasing head gasket issues - that and my block deformed... skim it!
  6. Lurchalicious

    Lexington KY Mechanic

    + 1 for bruce and eric
  7. Lurchalicious

    ALH motor part out - complete head, rods, injectors, IP - KY

    I may be heading to west chester this week to meet a fabricator - other than that i rarely go across the river. They could also fit in a small flat rate box and wouldnt be very expensive to ship
  8. Lurchalicious

    ALH motor part out - complete head, rods, injectors, IP - KY

    Yes, hard fuel lines from IP to injectors. I'm in walton KY, northern KY
  9. Lurchalicious

    ALH motor part out - complete head, rods, injectors, IP - KY

    Parts pulled from working/running engine at approx 97k. Buyer to pay actual shipping costs. pickup is also available. Prices are negotiable - feel free to make offer on anything Oil Pan with sensor - 50 Intake - needs cleaning - 40 Valve Cover 40 Valve Cover - 40 Oil Pan and sensor - 50...
  10. Lurchalicious

    WTB pipe bead roller/maker

    Before I go the route of making a poor man bead roller with a pair of vise grips and an exhaust clamp - anyone have one laying around they already made or a set of bead making parts that adapt to a table vise?
  11. Lurchalicious

    Any ALH or BEW hyrbid 17/56 dyno or hp numbers?

    did you search for 1756VK or GTB1756? If you are only running 20 psi why not just get a VNT17?
  12. Lurchalicious

    Lurchalicious' ALH GTB1756VK build w/ dyno

    Resurrection! Just got back from seeing a mate of TDTuning in Dublin - TDR performance. finally got to dial in the tune. setting solid at 1.8 bar. pump voltage was lowered and idle is smooth fueling was cut back total of 7% Took some torque out early on to save parts This is a very clean...
  13. Lurchalicious

    Dutch Auto Parts

    Frans rebuilt my GTB1756VK; I should have sent it to him the first time. Can't praise him enough and he always had good communication back and forth which is a huge deal to me.
  14. Lurchalicious

    Lurchalicious' ALH GTB1756VK build w/ dyno

    Had been chasing a coolant leak for a while, and soon I started getting a pressurized coolant system. Head gasket was gone between cylinders 3 & 4. Got the gasket replaced however a week later I was still topping up coolant. Block is warped. Right where the gasket failed. Shop is...
  15. Lurchalicious

    Let's play a game - ID this little hose

    So this is part of the coolant overflow piping ( vw number 1J0122447EN) . Not a replaceable part for just this hose, all places here in ireland will only replace the whole part; no thank you. I used a section of heater hose from a local auto parts store aka motor factor. ID of 7.5 should...