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  1. ufoguy

    Sold Passat - parts to unload

    thanks blaz! nice car. when BMW brings a diesel to the states i will be one of the first in line to get one. i loved my passat but had the itch for a BMW, couldn't help myself! cp ;)
  2. ufoguy

    Sold Passat - parts to unload

    everything has been sold... all the items have been sold. i am shipping the phatbox, cat filters, and provent this afternoon. thanks to everyone for your interest. cp :)
  3. ufoguy

    Sold Passat - parts to unload

    photo of cat filters and hardware photo of cat filters and hardware.
  4. cat filters

    cat filters

    cat filters
  5. ufoguy

    Sold Passat - parts to unload

    cat filters (2) i haven't heard back from kotflb so the TWO cat filters and hardware are still available for $50 plus UPS shipping (less than $20). if you would like to see a photo of the cat filters, send an IM with your email address and i will forward a digiphoto. thanks to everyone...
  6. ufoguy

    Sold Passat - parts to unload

    Provent is sold the provent has been sold. thanks.
  7. ufoguy

    Sold Passat - parts to unload

    Phatbox sold the phatbox has been sold for $50.
  8. ufoguy

    Sold Passat - parts to unload

    some parts sold already the mann oil filters, oil, stanadyne, cabin filter, and baldwin air filter are sold to a TDIer here in Plano (who almost bought my Passat but someone beat him to it at the BMW dealership, small world). i am throwing my pella oil extractor for free with his purchase. the...
  9. ufoguy

    Sold Passat - parts to unload

    Okay guys, I went over to the dark side and traded my 05 Passat TDI for a new 07 BMW 328i gasser. With a commute of only 2 miles to work I found that I was only putting maybe 600 miles per month on my car if I didn't take a road trip. I thought my Passat TDI would better serve someone who has a...
  10. ufoguy

    Mufflerectomy Parts & Specs

    lose the muffler only i yanked the muffler and had my muffler guy hang .25 inch larger pipe with a downward curve. no noticeable increase in sound to speak of. a very cheap process. a couple of welds and a pice of slightly bent exhaust pipe...
  11. ufoguy

    2004 Passat GLS TDI?

    ditto if it cannot be shown that 505.01 oil was used and changed frequently enough i wouldn't even consider the vehicle. cp
  12. ufoguy

    finally - mufflerectomy on my mk4 pd jetta and golf!!!!

    little if any increase in exhaust note there is simply next to NO increase in exhaust note after removing the muffler. go to the muffler shop and have them cut the exhaust pipe in front of the muffler, then fire up your diesel and listen. the muffler is nothing but extra baggage. trust...
  13. ufoguy

    finally - mufflerectomy on my mk4 pd jetta and golf!!!!

    Passat mufflerectomy in 2005
  14. ufoguy

    Wiper blades for 2004 Passat

    whole unit or insert so are most of you replacing the entire blade unit and not just the insert? that is what i did since i didn't know any better. i got better than 1.5 years on mine before replacing. i bought a pair from dealership. maybe it was the rainx and liquid glass i use on the...
  15. ufoguy

    new 2006 jetta additives

    Stanadyne performance & lubricity formulas Recommended by VW. I have used both products in large doses in both of my TDIs. My Passat never smokes and runs smooth as silk. I also use a biocide (Biobor) and diesel fuel system cleaner by BG. CP
  16. ufoguy

    Another A/C Question

    ditto - a load of crap mine works fine in this position. air is split evenly between floor and dash. your dealer must have an answer for everything: oh, they all sound like that... they all ride like that, it is normal.. that is normal, all diesels smoke like hell... etc.
  17. ufoguy

    2004 Passat TDI or 2006 Jetta TDI?

    buy new Buy the new Jetta, don't buy someone else's problems. The price of the Passat is too close to a new Jetta. You will like the DSG in the Jetta (I had one in my 2004 NB). I test drove a new Jetta TDI and loved it. It drove and rode much better than I thought it would. I realize that...
  18. ufoguy

    Dirty Dirty Fuel

    hit it with Biobor From what the others are telling you, algae could be your problem. Order some Biobor or other biocide and shock your tank. The algae won't stop growing once it is started unless you hit with a biocide or drop your tank and sterilize it. The algae feed on diesel and moisture...
  19. ufoguy

    Dirty Dirty Fuel

    biocide You might consider a serious dose of biocide. No telling what could've been growing in your tank over the last 56k miles. I use Biobor biocide regularly to ensure that I don't have any algae growing in my tank. There is no telling how nasty some gas station fuel tanks have become...
  20. ufoguy

    My first problem w/ Passat

    baloney! I can't believe you paid the bill for this. I think you should contact VW Corporate and file a complaint. If it doesn't say specifically in the owner's manual what to use (as with the 505.01 oil) there is no justification for the dealer charging you. In fact, he is probably charging it...