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    do both owners have to be there for turn in?

    I'm down in Mississippi, the VW is in Alexandria, Va. It's due for turn in Dec 17th in Alexandria, all paperwork done. My MIL just took a fall, HOPEFULLY not too bad. Both my wife and I are on the title. Do we both HAVE to be there for turn in?
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    If you are considering buyback which cars are you looking at as replacements?

    Just in time, another diesel Well I've been thoroughly disgusted facing the future loss of my TDI. So much that I've mostly stayed away from here and general car news since the first of the year. My wife had mandated we get a Ford for the replacement (only car dealer in town we are retiring...
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    post fix DSG update failure - bricked cars with no solution from VW

    So the following two posters need different EPA approval? I'm still on the fence about taking mine in.
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    post fix DSG update failure - bricked cars with no solution from VW

    Meerschm - if you want to provide a better summary please do soon and I will delete this post. But you now have a long important thread with dates scattered so I pulled these few quotes out for all those who don't read the full thread because it's so long (poor people). Original post in thread -...
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    post fix DSG update failure - bricked cars with no solution from VW

    Well, it's Tuesday October 31st, 2017 (she didn't mean Tuesday October 31st, 2023 did she?) any update?
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    post fix DSG update failure - bricked cars with no solution from VW

    So any update? It's a week past the 17th. In addition to putting him on the ignore list flag the post and complain, maybe he will be banned.
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    post fix DSG update failure - bricked cars with no solution from VW

    Just post it! Like lightflyer wrote, Meg8 you have no knowledge of how many of us are lurking here trying to decide to turn it in, go for the fix or just ignore it all.
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    Got the "fix" friday, got P0401 code today :)

    Now it's getting closer to a potential $1/mile for a DPF if I pay a dealer for repairs. As I wrote I have not searched on here much for the average life of a DPF and I think my 70K is a bit low, but between the timing belt, dpf, and the hpfp I'm beginning to think turn in :( The timing belt...
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    post fix DSG update failure - bricked cars with no solution from VW

    Very glad I read this thread. Left my lovely red '09 JSW in Virginia in late July and received the message about "the fix" from VW. My hopes soared. Reading this thread mine (build date late '08?) is probably a candidate for the brickyard. :(
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    Got the "fix" friday, got P0401 code today :)

    I've got a dirty tailpipe on my '09 at about 70K miles. Which brings up the questions - When will the DSG update be fixed? What is the likelihood a new DPF will crack before: that runs out? Using the 54,000 mile figure and the cost of a dealer replaced DPF it reads like I may be paying another...
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    How long did your battery last?

    Mine was an 09 bought Dec' 08. Died about two months ago. VW dealer had a $100 special plus $15 core charge. I'm planning on keeping the new battery and selling the car back with the old battery. Since I replaced it the DA@& alarm has been going off sometimes when the key fob was near. I...
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    Help - alarm going off when opening door, 09JSW

    Well I tried touching the battery cables together and clearing all faults. Didn't work. Twice today the alarm has gone off while I'm inside the house and the car is in the driveway about 50 feet from the key fob. Also I received my FinalOfferLetter today. The car is panicking and is scared...
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    Buy Back Spreadsheet - Track our buyback status

    Just got my FINAL OFFER. Only 7 or 8 business days after the email that I qualified. :)
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    Getting ready to say good-bye

    My feelings exactly. We had a LOVELY 5 year old Corgi that came down with meningitis that could not be cured. We had to put her down in May. Took me 3 months to get over it. And VW has made us an offer to good for a vehicle (with a potentially failing DPF) for my wife to refuse.
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    Upload Site Live - Just uploaded Docs

    They are dealing with a monumental mess and the longer they can put it off the more people will die of natural causes and the more vehicles will be in accidents that render them inoperable. Time is on their side.
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    Scheduled my turn-in

    Thanks for the quick reply!
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    Volkswagen to Propose TDI Fix on November 11

    Well it's the 12th - did any news come out? I can't find it.
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    Scheduled my turn-in

    For those that scheduled the turn in - did any of you try to change the area you wanted to turn it in? If so, was it easy? Me wife and I are based in Northern Virginia, which I originally put on the documents, and there are several major dealers around. Bu she's wanting to buy a Transit...
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    Upload Site Live - Just uploaded Docs

    Yea, I was looking to get a 2016 Transit Connect, now I'm hoping for a 2018 :(