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  1. turbo_dse

    The 2 years 0 problem thread

    After doing a 1 year 0 problem thread i tought i could do the next step. So This thread apply to you if you own a CR TDI 2009 and + and you did not have to go to the dealer for any reason except for routine maintenance. So no glitch, no problem, no mechanical failure, and please do not post if...
  2. turbo_dse

    2009-2010 theories on HPFP failures + water contam'd diesel

    Diesel fuel, made up primarily of hydrogen and carbon, and impurities such as sulfur, has several different roles which include: Cooling Lubricating Cleaning Cooling: Fuel that flows to the injection pump and circulates through the pump absorbs unwanted heat generated by the engine and...
  3. turbo_dse

    2009-2010 theories on HPFP failures + water contam'd diesel

    Just an other theory, fuel is getting too hot ? specially for those who like to get their tank to the lowest possible before refueling . We mostly know that the fuel return line is getting excess warmed up fuel from HPFP to the tank , when the fuel volume in the tank is too low... it may...
  4. turbo_dse

    09 strange clutch behavior

    Well, I dont know if a regen happened, I was just driving away from my driveway and guess what it was rainy and cold , so maybe its not the clutch but the engine thats missfiring at low rpm or something like that ... thinking of taking an apointement to the dealer...
  5. turbo_dse

    09 strange clutch behavior

    Well today everything is fine, I can't replicate the problem...?:confused: somebody told me it could be a dust buildup or oxydation on the clutch disc...
  6. turbo_dse

    09 strange clutch behavior

    A week after posting on one year 0 problems, bam! So theres the case, after my jetta had sit for one day, I took it to go shoping, the first stops , i release the clutch slowly without giving go pedal and it starts shaking violently, I tought the car would stall, i didnt let drop bellow 900...
  7. turbo_dse

    The one year, 0 problem thread

    So I made it on May 1st , one year 22 500 km, no problem at all, I went to the dealer once for the free first maintenance. thats it. Verry pleased with the car. The first Volks I have own that has no problem in its first year :D
  8. turbo_dse

    German Castrol Syntec 0w30

    Very good oil, seriously, I used it in my old 2001 ALH TDI with impressive results for the cost of this oil. Any oil would give me creamy goo under my oil cap in the winter because my commute was too short for the engine to warm up completely. The GC was the only oil to prevent that. I swear...
  9. turbo_dse

    Fuel additives

    If you read the label on a Powerservice bottle , It says that the additive will not harm diesel oxydation catalyst and diesel particulate filter. Then It also recommend the mix wich should be about 125 ml of additive per tank assuming that there is already some treated diesel left in your...
  10. turbo_dse

    Is it the V-Power or time to change the filter?

    I filled up with V-power a few times, and every time my TDI was a little smoother with a little more power. So I would not think that your problems are fuel related, You should change your air and fuel filter, pour some power service additive and then perform a good Italian tune-up.
  11. turbo_dse

    Mobil T.D.T. 5W-40 approval?

    Energy wise to VW is save on fuel, but being detrimental to engine life. How much energy is used to produce a new engine, how much pollution is made by oil burn off ?
  12. turbo_dse

    High oil consumption in winter but not summer?

    The Castrol 5w50 is not certified for TDI , you'd be better using Castrol syntec 0w30 wich is certified VW 505.00 for your TDI.
  13. turbo_dse

    09 Jetta TDI fuel filter you do not want to see!!

    Would it be wise to create a fuel system saver mod ? what I mean is installing a fuel filter (maybe a gasser type) on the return line so in the event of HPFP failure all the metal shrapnels would be block in the return line filter preventing the entire fuel system contamination .
  14. turbo_dse

    Ice build-up over exaust tip

    I wanted to do so, but it melted away today ...
  15. turbo_dse

    Ice build-up over exaust tip

    So here's the story, I did a 600 km trip in - 20 c , after the trip I noticed a big ice build up just over the exaust tip on the bumper. I never saw that on any of my previous cars , I'm amazed how much H20 is cumming out of that tail pipe.
  16. turbo_dse

    The one year, 0 problem thread

    That's interesting to see how many people got 0 problems so far, If mine keeps going like that, in may, I'll be in the club.
  17. turbo_dse

    Any DMF failure in '09+ 6MT yet?

    I would guess that the clutch/transmission combo is the same as the euro spec 2.0 TDI wich has 280 lbs/ft of torque.
  18. turbo_dse

    The one year, 0 problem thread

    Hi folks, So here it is, people have a tendency of writting threads when something goes wrong... but what about when everything is fine ? So if you had your 2009 TDI for a whole year or more (no matter what milleage) and had never experienced any mechanical issue of any kind related to the...
  19. turbo_dse

    HPFP failure while using additives?

    I think that sometimes too much of a good thing is bad. Putting lubricity additive all the time may cause more problems then solve. here's a quote frome Petro-Canada's website. Does Petro-Canada diesel fuel contain a lubricity additive? All Petro-Canada diesel fuels have suitable lubricity...
  20. turbo_dse

    You think you have poor fuel economy ?

    My personal average with my 09 Jetta tdi is close to 35 mpg, I was a little bit disapointed. But, as a fireman, at my fire station we have a 09 Dodge ram 2500 with the cummins 6,7l with dpf. The truck only do suburb driving and it averages 8,7 mpg... :D that fuel millage should be...