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  1. NewTdi

    TDIclub Secret Society of BMW Owners (SSBMWO)

    How do you like the 335D? Been thinking about upgrading ...
  2. NewTdi

    group buy: injectors (.260s)

    How did I miss this thread? Now that I have “retired” my car since I now have a company car which I drive daily. @burpod let me know if I can still jump on this offer!
  3. NewTdi

    Burpod Tuning

    Marc, is your dyno set-up?
  4. NewTdi

    tuning analysis - what's in a malone tune - starter kit

    I have to chime in here! I have been running Burpod's tune for 14 months with great results. I have 20 years of fueling logs and while I have seen an increment in MPG however what is most beautiful about these tunes is the car's driveability. For the life of my '03 ALH with 463000 miles I...
  5. NewTdi

    The Ultimate Enthusiasts Guide to Fully become One with the TDI, as told by Burpod....

    Here we go ... LOL Looking forward to reading everything that will be posted.
  6. NewTdi

    tuning analysis - what's in a malone tune - starter kit

    Very interesting reading! I am really liking the Burpod tune I am running. My analogy to his tunes is this. You can buy a suit and just have the pants and sleeves tailored or you can go to a real tailor and get a custom suit made.
  7. NewTdi

    FS: Various MKIV ALH parts - VT

    I will take the ball joint if still available
  8. NewTdi

    how many miles have you racked up on your TDI?

    Ready to hit 400K miles tomorrow on my commute to work. Lifetime average MPG since new 52mpg. 5 Timing belts, 2 sets of brakes, a clutch, a gasket and a transmission. That's all in 20 years. New headliner going in this week. Looking to hit 1M miles before retirement.
  9. NewTdi

    New California smog checks.......

    I have passed with RC stage 3 for 13 years ...
  10. NewTdi

    More smoke than expected

    Yes, Burpod does!
  11. NewTdi

    Tires, Again

    Just installed General Altimax RT45 2 tanks ago and I am impressed given the price point. Very quiet, mileage does not seem affected and grip is very good in the bad atmospheric rivers we have been experiencing. I would definitely buy them again.
  12. NewTdi

    SOLD: 2000 Jetta GL Tdi stage 5/6spd $6500obo SOLD

    Everything has a price.
  13. NewTdi

    feeler: bay area dyno day, any takers?

    Show up, its just a 3 hour drive each way!
  14. NewTdi

    2023 TDIfest/GTG discussion thread

    I organized 22 GTG in NorCal over 11 years which was great while it lasted, unfortunately we had to take down the related threads. We would get about 30 cars even more per GTG to show up and people drove in from San Diego, Portland and I believe once even from Seattle and Phoenix. Great food...
  15. NewTdi

    feeler: bay area dyno day, any takers?

    I remember when 20 plus people would show up at dyno day! What has happened? I will recruit 2 more people or at least their cars.
  16. NewTdi

    upgrades before going internal?

    You should have those delivered by Wednesday!
  17. NewTdi

    upgrades before going internal?

    30psi is a lot of fun
  18. NewTdi

    upgrades before going internal?

    Good morning Dieselonato and welcome to the forums. From all my readings it is my understanding that up to 200WHP our engines are safe the way they are built. Anything over that could use some upgrades. I have been in the 160-170 range for a while and thinking about making the jump into the...
  19. NewTdi

    ALH/BHW Hybrid: Success!

    Wow, very very nice! Here temptation is setting in again with the allure of a new turbo.
  20. NewTdi

    feeler: bay area dyno day, any takers?

    I am definetly in, sorry for the late reply!