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    What oil to use in Q7 V6 TDI

    Fcp euro- liqui moly 4200 is what I use every 5k.
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    Welcome Audi TDI members

    I deleted my truck two years ago, and it has never ran better. Picked up 2-4 mpg towing the 5th wheel, which is all we ever use it for, plus not having the worry of something failing within the system and potentially leaving us stranded. Im looking for better performance, more mpg, and less...
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    Welcome Audi TDI members

    I was a former Audi tech. So I do all my own work. Although, I did have an egr cooler code, I let the dealer fix that. By weight savings, I meant do a DPF delete. On the powerstroke forums its become a no no to mention DPF delete and such. Guys refer to it as a weight savings.
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    Welcome Audi TDI members

    Ya I can understand that. Im 6' 6" and currently have two kids still at home. For me, its more then just the size of the vehicle, its about the drive and interior comfort, both of which the A8L excells in. With the sport rear diff, it doesn't drive like a land barge.
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    Welcome Audi TDI members

    Hello everyone, kinda new, kinda not. I joined quite a bit ago when I had my 13 jetta TDI. I've had my 15 A8L TDI couple years now. Been excellent. It's our family hauler, when we're not dragging the 5th wheel. We've taken her all over the west coast. Anyway, here to learn more and ask...
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    My 2015 A8L TDI

    I'm not completely new to diesels, had a 2013 Jetta TDI when I joined, and have a 2016 Ford PSD. I frequent Audizine and Audiworld a little more, but now that I am in the process of preforming some weight reduction on the A8L, I found this forum again. Anyhow, here she is: I like the...
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    14 A7 TDI prestige loaded!

    Very nice, what mpg are you seeing with the delete and tune?
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    Audi A8L TDI (D4) delete downpipe, firewall, "Plenum Chamber Bulkhead"

    So does the DS dpf pipe also get rid of that 1st cat as well as the dpf? Im thinking I also need to take the intake manifold off and do some cleaning as well, I wonder if that's part of the reason I've seen my mpg decrease recently.
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    Audi A8L TDI (D4) delete downpipe, firewall, "Plenum Chamber Bulkhead"

    I am bumping this up and asking a question. I have a 2015 A8 tdi and am researching dpf delete kits. I found the darkside kit, but my question is does the darkside pipe only delete the dpf and not the cat? OP, did you also delete the cat? I already have the Malone stg2 tune. Just want to...
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    Any 2014-2015 A6 TDI owners here?

    I have a 2015 A8L. With factory 20s, I would get 37-38 MPG summer, 35-36 winter. Now I have heavy 21 BBS CH-RII and my MPG dropped 1-2 MPG. Oh
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    Finally good license plate leds

    Holy crap those are bright!
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    How Many Keys?

    Cant you just disconnect the key portion of the remote, pocket that and give the valet the kessy part? I dont keep valuables in my car, so never lock the glove box, but it could work.
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    Jetta MK6 and the Torque App for Android via ELM327 OBDII Adapter

    Can you still have your phone bluetooth to the radio along with this?
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    remove emblems?

    I removed both "jetta" and "tdi". Tdi's are nearly a dime a dozen here in the pacnw. I prefer the clean badgeless look. Might either source or paint my "tdi" black to match the car and reinstall it, but I dunno. Was actually the first thing I did to my car.
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    EGR Pipe Removal

    This thtead will be locked. This forum doesnt like talk of removing emmisions stuff. Youll most likely have to search else where.
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    Confirmed: Mid model year 2013 TDI With Premium has Soft touch

    Im not really understanding the want or need for a soft touch dash. I dont ever touch mine, except for cleaning. Now full mfd would be nice.
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    Just bought the wife her first TDI

    Haha congrats, but she wanted to trade it in cus it needed a new cat? ;) Reminds of my old boss, who needed new tires, and bought a new truck bull.:eek:
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    There is going to be no agreement in this argument. But I will say this, cars with all options, including "outdated" nav units will hold a higher resale value. And the argument of outdated maps seems silly to me, how many of you live in an area that continues to add roads? You don't have to...
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    This is a very different car over 55mph

    I've noticed my fuel mileage suffers more the faster I go above 65. I get my best at 65, and it drops 1-3mpg at 75. But, my car feels very good at 75-80, haven't pushed it more then that. I have another car for my high speed runs, ( seen 150 several times, on a closed course, of
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    IMO, OEM is still better then having one hang off my windshield...Garmin is still better, but I can't stand suction cup mounts hanging all over the windshield. Wonder what a garmin feels like hitting your head in an accident. OEM is good for what I need, easy address input, simple to use.