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    2015 Golf TDI trailer wiring harness installation

    1) The "Trailer lights" i used for my testing are 2 separate devices. - a trailer light tester device, with 3 LED's for tail, left and right. Brakes are indicated by both left and right LED indicator. - The other device is a tow light kit from Princess auto...
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    2015 Golf TDI trailer wiring harness installation

    I purchased the Tekonsha Harness 118646 from etrailer and have the harness modified exactly as displayed in the pictures of the post... Upon testing on 2015 Sportwagen, Here are my results Left Signal on the Car works Left Signal...
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    GTB1756vk in BV43 housing

    Image i posted is a 1756 in a 1749 exhaust manifold. I don't know of a BV43
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    GTB1756vk in BV43 housing

    I believe this has already been done by someone here...
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    Anyone has/had the Phase 2 done in Ontario ?

    I got my Phase 2 booked for August. I was told depending on mileage of the car, there may be more parts involved for the Phase 2 fix.
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    2015 Canadian Warranty

    Yes for ALL emissions related components (DPF, cat, Turbo, egr, entire fuel system, fuel pump, rail, all sensors and actuators, crankshaft, cylinder head,camshaft, valves) Powertrain warranty starts from "in service date" (aka date car was first registered to a consumer) to 5yr/100k
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    2015 Canadian Warranty

    2015's that were sold after Dieselgate broke get 11years or 261,000KM whichever comes first...
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    06 BRM JETTA's - High Mileage (200k+) Post it!

    i got mine at 148K KM (93K miles) with no major work done to the car It currently has 424K km (265k Miles) - Malone Stage 2 - Original cam (Oil changes Every 10- 15K km with Rotella T6) - Original EGR cooler - Repaired engine harness - Repair Recirculation flap - Replaced MAF - 6 Spd Swap -...
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    2009 bmw 335d

    x 1000
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    2006 Jetta Questions

    I wouldn't rule them out, I'd take the time to verify (or pay someone to verify). the details and make sure everything checks out before I put out my hard earned cash. ;) PS: my BRM has 400k KM on it with the original cam and it's still in pristine condition
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    Egr valve constantly cycling on and off

    got the MAF replace with a new MAF with no luck. Its still clicking on and off. it finally threw a CEL this morning and here's what i found. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 001027 - EGR Valve (N18) P0403 - 000 -...
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    B6 S4 bhw compound turbo build

    Very Cool Build. Looks amazing!! Can't wait to see numbers from a dyno... Subscribed!
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    Nov 10th -1st snow, cold snap last night..

    Check out Costco (I know, I know :)) batteries. they seem to be very reasonably priced and have a decent warranty (going from memory i think they give something like a 100 month warranty).
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    215k miles and no can wear BRM

    417,000km still on original cam. I've been running Rotella T6 for about 200K
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    Egr valve constantly cycling on and off

    Thanks Ol'Rattler I had replaced the MAF with an old one that was "working fine" at the time i removed it a while back while i was troubleshooting some limp mode issues but that did not fix the issue. I unplugged the MAF and the issue seems to have disappeared (of course now with CEL). I will...
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    Egr valve constantly cycling on and off

    has anyone been able to solve this problem? I am hearing very similar sounds on my BRM
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    Throttle Position Sensor Pulsating

    Did anyone successfully resolve this issue? I'm having the exact symptoms