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    BEW Torque limit

    2004 Jetta TDI BEW limp mode no CEL, Boost is normal, the torque limit kicks in to limit torque to about 150. New VW Parts: MAP, MAF, N75. New air filter, fuel filter. No boost leaks found. Changed intercooler after very small leak found. Last item found was the large cooling fan failed...
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    "Tandem Pump Worn Test" Question

    There is a check valve in the supply to prevent fuel draining back to tank. Are you parking up hill? Try parking with nose down hill. See if it starts quickly.
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    What happened to my Brakes! Pt.2

    Have you solved this problem? If so, how? We had issues with the non-Bosh tandem pump. So all Bosh pumps now.
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    Master cylinder or something else

    Have you found a fix for this issue? We have the same issue with one of our Passats. Replaced the ABS module from junk yard. Replaced master cylinder with new, same issue. I did find rust around the rubber grommet at the vacuum booster. I cleaned it up and repainted it. Seemed much better. But...
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    ABS Pump Question

    Did you get a fix for this? One of our TDIs is doing this.
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    Fender rust repair - quoted $4,500

    Have you searched for junk yard parts? I picked up a drivers side rear door, same color at LKQ for $65. Perfect match. The original door was getting a 5 inch diameter rust spot on the rear of the bump strip.
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    Random loss of power, restart and it clears

    So we still get a random loss of power in 2004 Jetta BEW, no CELs. No codes with VCDS. Stop car and restart and it clears. Happens as low as once per year. Sometimes 6 times per year. 2004 Passat BHW same thing.
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    Guru in Minnesota?

    I found Transmission Specialist & Auto Repair Machesney Park IL. Vojin Paunovic. He just rebuilt my ZF in my 05 Passat. He is a ZF dealer! NEW ZF torque converter! He can do it ALL. Rebuild diesel engines! ALL new parts in my ZF! His number 815-608-3222
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    Any TDI repair shops new New Buffalo Michigan?

    2005 Jetta BEW TDI, 5 speed, had a fluttering sound then a bang. Looks like parts went down the road. New oil on both sides of the engine, oil down about 1/3 after changing it right before the trip. On 94 waiting for AAA.
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    Blowing black smoke, believe stock tune

    Timing is at 0.5 advanced.
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    Blowing black smoke, believe stock tune

    New air filter. Boost demand and actual are matching
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    Blowing black smoke, believe stock tune

    Camshaft is good!
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    Blowing black smoke, believe stock tune

    We have a 2004 Passat TDI that blows black smoke when accelerating, not flooring it. Less MPG's too. There is black soot on the back of the car. I believe it has a stock tune. Not 100% sure. I have a 1.5 Malone tune and no black smoke, more power on a 2005 Passat TDI. Would it be an injector...
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    TDI Used Oil Lab Analyses Results & Discussions

    What oil was used?
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    Transmission code P0734 not going into 4th gear

    2005 Passat Transmission code P0734 not going into 4th gear. What is the common cause? Solenoid?
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    Oil in coolant tank

    Got a good used VW oil cooler from a 2007 V6 Touareg from LKQ for $15, cleaned and flushed. Working great!
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    Oil in coolant tank

    I had put a vacuum on the coolant side of the oil cooler. No drop in vacuume. I put 65 psig on the coolant side and under water, NO bubbles. SO I changed the head gasket. ALL looked good, no warping. All flat. Put it back together, still getting oil in the coolant. No coolant in the oil. So...
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    Does deleting the EGR on BEW effect cold weather operation?

    Does deleting the EGR on BEW effect cold weather operation? My new EGR pipe for my new Garrett GT1749 does not fit well. I have a small leak that is whistling. Drivers side flange was off by 1/2 bolt hole, was a wrestling match even with the cooler bolts loose. Now I am thinking about a delete...
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    New EGR pipe, not fitting up, Garrett GT1749 BEW

    I was replacing the turbo so I had a number if items off and loose. Maybe parts of the egr / egr cooler needed to be loosened?