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  1. WrEkkED

    Rough idle and black smoke on full throttle - overfueling?

    May be time to bite the bullet and take it to a shop. I had a weird sound once I couldn't locate. Shop found a bolt on my alternator was loose within 30 seconds. Are you able to take a video or sound clip of the noise? My only other suggestion is to check the tandem pump. It's possible it's...
  2. WrEkkED

    Rough idle and black smoke on full throttle - overfueling?

    If you don't notice it, you don't have it (what my mechanic told me). Asside from youtube videos I've never personally heard valve pop. But on those videos it sounds very pronounced. Almost like the sound of the injectors but much louder. Not sure we are allowed to post links, but if you go to...
  3. WrEkkED

    Fuel tank pressure

    So today I go to fill my tank and the nozzle shuts off right away, with some back pressure. I had to push the vent to get it to fill. Any ideas as to the culprit here? Check valve?
  4. WrEkkED

    Rough idle and black smoke on full throttle - overfueling?

    Do you hear a popping sound from the valves when its running? When I pulled my head at 180,000k the cam looked brand new. A good mechanic can probably tell you with a degree of certainty if the cam is bad without opening it up.
  5. WrEkkED

    TDI Blue smoke

    I would absolutely change the crush washers. There is a DIY on how to heat them up to reuse them, but they are like what 3$? I tried to reuse mine on my braided line and it leaked everywhere. Up to you if you want to buy a new oil return just in case. Sounds like you had it off somewhat recently...
  6. WrEkkED

    Runaway? What next?

    I am far from an expert neither, that being said talking to lots of people who tracked their TDIs most of them ended up with slightly bent rods and never had any compression issues. It depends on the severity of the bend. That being said, you can most certainly bend a valve with a runaway not...
  7. WrEkkED

    Runaway? What next?

    If it was my car, I would decide what the car is worth to me. At the very least your looking at a new turbo and I would budget to replace the head - this is cheaper than retrofitting your used head with new valves/lifters etc. - so at this point your looking at ~$5000. I wouldn't even bother...
  8. WrEkkED

    Rough idle and black smoke on full throttle - overfueling?

    For your car I'm not sure the part number. Let us know if it fixes your problem. Don't be alarmed if you don't hear the new one prime. My new one doesn't make any noise at all which is very interesting. I don't know about your engine, or how you took care of it, but I have 200k on my PD -BEW...
  9. WrEkkED

    Turbo squeel/whistle at WOT?

    I would double check your intake tract. Could just be a boost leak, would explain the overboost as well. 100k is nothing, but it is possible of course that it is the turbo.
  10. WrEkkED

    Rough idle and black smoke on full throttle - overfueling?

    Most people just listen for the pump. You turn the key as if you are cylcing the glow plugs/turning on accessories but not turning over the motor and you would hear the pump prime from the back seat. Symptoms: 1) hard start - needs more cranks 2) slightly less performance in normal opperation...
  11. WrEkkED

    Rough idle and black smoke on full throttle - overfueling?

    Have you checked your in tank lift pump? Will also give those symptoms.
  12. WrEkkED

    2003 Jetta wagon Turbo and injector and tune recommendations

    If you find the 17 too laggy, you can add more fuel (injectors) if your clutch can hold it. The mpg hit is so minimal you will never notice. Might not be a bad idea to add stronger head bolts to allow for more boost down low. Ask malone for some help with your tune. Also depends how you drive...
  13. WrEkkED

    Seeking advice; first HPDE

    I am about to take my 04 out next month as well. Is there a bluetooth ODII to keep an eye on IAT's, real coolant temp fuel temp etc? Do you guys run straight water with water wettor or is the standard 50/50 g20 mix fine? And do you add any additional cetane or just run straight diesel? (I use...
  14. WrEkkED

    GTD1752VRK compressor wheel

    Billet will withstand higher temps, and is lighter so spools quicker and is stronger. Billet is the way to go.
  15. WrEkkED

    2016 BMW X3 x28d

    I used when I was shopping. I cross shopped the Q5, X3 and X5 - all gas. BMW is so hard. I found you can get a X3/X5 with 30,000 or 70,000km for the same price because of options. Audi is nice for the fact it's one of 3 packages. Wasn't a fan of the car though.
  16. WrEkkED

    1.9 PD Tandem pump, fuel in oil adventure

    The oil light only comes on when running higher rpms. Iirc it won't come on until 3000+ rpm. good thing with diesel is that it has some lubricity. If this were in a gas engine I'm sure everything would be toast. I wouldn't be suprised if the other issues were caused by BIO, but I know nothing...
  17. WrEkkED

    1.9 PD Tandem pump, fuel in oil adventure

    How long did you drive with the oil/fuel mixture? I put in a new tandem pump that from factory had a failed seal inside and within 2 days I had 10L in my oil but my oil light went off and I pulled over. I have 177,000km and my cam, turbo and injectors look nothing like that (all of which had a...
  18. WrEkkED

    2016 BMW X3 x28d

    Congrats on the purchase! Have to agree with the transmission fluid. I have an X5 35i 18mpg ;) , the transmissions fluid and oil should be changed more frequently than suggested if planning to get the most out of the car. I do the 15k oil change at the dealer, but I do an additional halfway on...
  19. WrEkkED

    Kerma Hot swap program

    Changing the nozzles yourself is very easy on an ALH. you do not need a tune, you just need to change the injection quantity on your vcds. If you can keep your foot out of it the clutch will hold up. For me I found no difference in fuel economy. I'm sure there is some value to refreshing the...
  20. WrEkkED

    Turbo Sourcing

    I think you would happy with a 1756vk. Depends what power your looking for. That setup would get you in the 200hp range (with the aforementioned pd150 injectors) and stock like spool. I can't speak to the gtbs welded to stock manifolds for plug and play, but with the tubular manifold ($$) EMPs...