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    Door not locking? Check your headlights.

    Strange occurrence I wanted to share that might help someone else that is having the same problem I was. My rear driver side door was having issues locking when using the key Fob or when it was supposed to auto lock when driving above a certain speed. It would intermittently work, but most of...
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    New Brake Booster Line = Better Brakes!

    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who makes this an awesome forum and great source of information. Today I replaced the brake booster line on my 05 Jetta TDI auto (part number: 1J0612041GB). Wouldn't have thought to check this area without perusing these forums. For fun, here's some...
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    What did you do to your car today?

    New Glass Headlights! Old Ugly New Sexy Bought from Volx Tuning
  6. New Sexy

    New Sexy

    Headlight lens
  7. Old Ugly

    Old Ugly

    Headlight lens
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    Stupid door Switch!! $3 Fix!!!

    I was having the problem of the driver side and passenger side door thinking it was always closed and the magnetic reed switch fix worked great for me. Thanks a lot for that fix! Anyways, the first link is flat magnet I used, and the second link is the switch I used. The seller was quite...
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    NOOB Here! When is a automatic transmission supposed to shift? (VIDEO)

    I'm also a newb as far as mechanical stuff goes, but my car used to shift at lower rpms. Then I did the shift point reset thingy by holding the gas pedal down for five seconds (search for shift point reset or something along those lines) and now my car shifts much closer to how yours is...
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    Oil leak after doggie collar installation

    Bought the same Dog Collar from Kerma and I also had oil leaking from that connection after installing it. I went to the local dealership and purchased an oem O-ring to replace the one that Kerma sent. No more oil leaks here. I think the Kerma O-ring might be for the turbo connection because...
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    What does the metal wire do on a MAF?

    So I'm in the process of replacing the MAF on my BEW wagon and I noticed that the MAF I'm going to replace does not have a metal wire between the two prongs, while the new MAF has a wire between the two prongs (see pic). The new MAF is a cheapy off Ebay (I know, I know, but I'm short on cash...
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    2 different style mafs
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    Anyone know a way to get Aux for monsoon deck for under $100

    I went ahead and found one of the adapters used in this thread on Ebay for $35. Works great, no complaints. Nice installation instructions too.
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    Quick vacuum leak question

    Also, my car is making the exact same noise as the one described in this thread:
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    Quick vacuum leak question

    Well it looks like I made a newbie mistake in describing my situation. I should have said I connected the Mityvac to the hose that connects to the vacuum reservoir instead of the vacuum pump. I did check down by the brake booster and did notice a small split at one of the connections (couldn't...
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    Quick vacuum leak question

    Just got back home and tested the vacuum on the line going directly to the actuator and it held constant vacuum for the three minutes I had it connected. Getting a little dark for me to troubleshoot anymore tonight, but I'll start pulling hoses tomorrow looking for a leak. Any suggestions as...
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    Quick vacuum leak question

    I used the tubing from Mcmaster that was suggested by you actually. I wasn't always sure when to use the 3mm vs 4mm and ended up using the 3mm in those situations where I wasn't sure. Could the tubing actually be too tight? Also, the 4mm tubing was labeled as "soft" instead of semisoft like the...
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    Quick vacuum leak question

    Some of the lines were pretty worn and cracked so I decided to replace all of lines as preventative maintenance. The original lines were not leaking like this though :( I guess this goes under the category of "if it aint broke, don't fix it!"
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    Quick vacuum leak question

    I just replaced all of the vacuum hoses on my wagon and I was wondering if a slow leak is ok/normal? Using the hose at the vacuum pump connection I pumped up my mityvac to 20" hg and watched it slowly decrease 1"hg about every 10 seconds. Is this ok or do I need to do some more trouble...
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    VNT Actuator Vacuum Question

    Huh, I guess I never figured the vacuum pump might be the problem. Sure enough, it wont go greater than 20" when completely closed off. Off to H.F. (just bought the dumb thing on Friday).