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  1. Matt-98AHU

    ALH Injection Pump Head still leaking after Seal Replacement

    One of these days I'll make a video of how I do the pump seal with the pump still on the car... but I do remove the entire pump head so I'm not stretching the o-ring. Really isn't a hard procedure once you see how it's done. I demonstrated it at TDIFest, I think it was 2012, to a decent sized...
  2. Matt-98AHU

    Toe messed after cv axle job

    Tie rods adjust toe. The ball joint adjustment is a very small amount of camber adjustment, but it does also change toe at the same time. Realistically, any adjustment also affects toe. Everything is connected. Since the tie rod is behind the ball joint, you push the ball joint out out, you get...
  3. Matt-98AHU


    Fun fact, though. 108 mm 5 speed manual axles are interchangeable with 01M 4 speed auto axles. Same inner joints. Does not apply to the 09A 5 speed tiptronic autos... those are too different.
  4. Matt-98AHU


    1.8Ts and 12V VR6 5 speeds use a 108 mm flange. The inner CV is totally sealed, is a tri-pod joint instead of the 6 ball cross-groove joint the 100 mm setups use. That flange and inner CV also use larger diameter bolts. Interestingly, though, the tri-pod joint is technically less surface...
  5. Matt-98AHU

    02J Right Output Shaft Seal

    I can use the same tool on the car as well, but it does require the axle being completely removed for adequate room. I do have a different, shorter driver as well.
  6. Matt-98AHU

    BEW Glow Plugs - help me figure out which ones I have?

    You can also tell what software your ECU has with VCDS. When you first login to address 01 - Engine, you should see in the top two fields, the current ECU/software part number on the left, and on the right you will see some additional info that ends with the 4 digit software version number...
  7. Matt-98AHU

    02J Right Output Shaft Seal

    Seal driver kit with several different size adapters makes quick work of things, especially when you have adequate room to swing a hammer. Having a relatively hefty dead blow hammer also helps...
  8. Matt-98AHU

    Didn't see this coming - EPA shift

    Just looked it up, Car and Driver was told by VW that for 2025, there will not be a manual transmission option for the R in North America. DSG only, like the 2008 R32...
  9. Matt-98AHU

    Didn't see this coming - EPA shift

    R-line is just a trim. As far as I know, anything with the 1.5 TSI will not be offered with a manual starting for the 2025 model year. GLI and GTI only with be offered with the bigger 02Q 6 speed manual.
  10. Matt-98AHU

    Didn't see this coming - EPA shift

    That they are... The closest thing VW offered to a TDI was the 1.5 TSI the last few years. Can get more than 40 MPG highway pretty easily with the long legged 02S 6 speed they come with (and I've been retrofitting into Mk4s TDIs the last year and a half :LOL:). But as of the 2025 model year...
  11. Matt-98AHU

    02S 6 speed conversion into 02J case

    I've seen a few of those. The 4Motion and Alltrack use the bigger 02Q box. The 2019 FWD 1.4 TSI Mk7 Sportwagen with a manual is super rare, one model year only with the 02S 6 speed. The 1.4 also gets very TDI-esque MPGs, so that particular package has piqued my interest for sure. At least the...
  12. Matt-98AHU

    02S 6 speed conversion into 02J case

    QVX and PTW are special European-only codes. We did not get them in the U.S.. I brought them up because those two codes have a taller final drive that would work for the shorter tires used on mk1 through mk3 era cars. 3.16 final drive as opposed to the 3.39 Mk4 and up TDIs get with MQ250...
  13. Matt-98AHU

    0A4 3rd & 4th Gear Difficulties

    It is SUCH a nice upgrade, too. They really are perfectly geared for old 1.9 TDIs.
  14. Matt-98AHU

    Gas tranny in TDI

    Final drive = the gear ratio of the ring gear on the differential to the pinion/output shaft that drives it. To calculate a gear ratio, you count the teeth of the output gear and divide it by the number of teeth you count on the input gear. The ring gear on the differential is the output gear...
  15. Matt-98AHU

    Gas tranny in TDI

    It won't get back to where the stock TDI box would be still... Final drive ratios on the gas 4 cylinders in the Mk4 era are all shorter. 2.0s use ~4.25 final drive Early 150 hp 1.8Ts use ~3.94 final drive Later 170/180 hp 1.8Ts use 3.64 final drive TDIs and VR6s use a 3.39 final drive. Most...
  16. Matt-98AHU

    ALH Engine Proper Torque Spec for CAM SPROCKET

    I think I've been doing them closer to 42 ft-lbs for more than 15 years now. 33 definitely doesn't seem like adequate clamping force for a bolt its size. And yeah, the PDs want way, way more than that with a similar sized bolt and conical fit cam and sprocket hub. It does have a keyway, too...
  17. Matt-98AHU

    Quick CBEA/CJAA/ALH Oil pump conversion question

    My understanding of this is that we still sort-of have the 3 letter engine code system, the last letter is actually just designating a different ECU calibration that may be unique to the market the vehicle is sold in. So, in other words, there might be a CJAB in another market, but mechanically...
  18. Matt-98AHU

    Project Kill Da Auto Wabbit!, Or how I learned to love the Manual Swap

    Check boertje's signature. A lot of us had issues with alphaseinor's wire colors in his original version at least. I've done dozens of manual swaps and I still like to use boertje's PDF as a quick reference on wiring. It has photos as well... I sometimes do a slight variation on it. And I've...
  19. Matt-98AHU

    02S 6 speed conversion into 02J case

    I've had to use a carbide burr bit to clear away material before using a 25 mm holesaw. Why 25 mm? Because that's the size of the 02M TDC pointer hole plug. Some early 0A4 5 speeds also use it. I then tried cutting a notch to approximate the TDC pointer. This first transmission was not quite...
  20. Matt-98AHU

    kw1281test: A Free VDS-Pro / VagTacho Alternative

    Login to the module with VCDS. It will tell you in the upper left corner which comm protocol it's using.