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  1. moondawg

    Driver's Side Engine/Transmission Mount Bolts.

    Thanks Frank. If I'd known right away that I was going to have to order one in, I would have love to given my business to a forum vendor. The hole that was boogered barely need to be drilled... but the tap found plenty of material to dig into. It was my first time installing helicoils and...
  2. moondawg

    Driver's Side Engine/Transmission Mount Bolts.

    Got the Helicoils installed tonight. Luckily was able to use a drill press and a skilled buddy at work this afternoon. Ready to install tonight after the kiddos go to bed. Hopefully the hard part is done.... if I can get my floor jack under the engine to lift it up, I think I'll be in...
  3. transmission mount with bolts

    transmission mount with bolts

  4. moondawg

    Driver's Side Engine/Transmission Mount Bolts.

    Good to know. I had to order the 12mm x 1.50 kit from Napa, they didn't have one at my Napa. Will be here in the AM. $90. ouch. Edited to add: This is why I love this forum... someone has always had the same problem, and is very forthcoming about what they did to fix it. 'preciate...
  5. moondawg

    Driver's Side Engine/Transmission Mount Bolts.

    OK. So the lower mount thread is boogered. Heading to Rural King for a HeliCoil after work. As luck would have it, we have a spare rollback truck at work, so I can haul the car home and work in the comfort of my garage, instead of in the parking lot!
  6. moondawg

    Driver's Side Engine/Transmission Mount Bolts.

    Thanks Greengeeker. The broken bolt is poking up about 3/8" above the surface of the bottom mount. enough that I think I can get a vicegrips on it and "convince" it out. The other bolt was worked completely loose, it looks like. So, I don't think there's any thread damage.... I'll inspect...
  7. moondawg

    Driver's Side Engine/Transmission Mount Bolts.

    Hello everyone. It's been a LONG time since I posted, but necessity has brought me back. :^( Went over speed bump in the parking lot today..... and CLUNK. Pulled over, popped the hood, and the engine/transmission has come loose o the driver's side. There are 2 bolts directly under the air...
  8. moondawg

    Diesel vs. hybrid: How to save fuel the smart way

    Why not? Unless it's somehow poisoning the oxidation catalyst (I assume it uses one as nearly all particulate aftertreatment systems do.) it should work the same as regular diesel: Add fuel to hot exhaust, pass over Oxidation Catalyst to get REALLY hot, burn soot from filter. Just curious...
  9. moondawg

    FYI: DPF regen info from my '09 TDI

    Delta-pressures are generally more accurate during times of high exhaust flow. PM models are generally more accurate during steady-state operation, rather than times of transient operation. So, depending on your duty-cycle, the ECU will trust one measurement more than the other. Sometimes...
  10. moondawg

    FYI: Two TDI'S that Sold Today In Sacramento, CA

    and the dealer will probably relist them both for $8k. Sounds like the '00 dealer got a good deal.
  11. moondawg

    FS: 2001 GLS Jetta 180k miles $7200

    It's a secret. buy my car and I'll tell you! :^) but tires and driving style are probably the biggest factors. I'll run over someone before I come off cruise control. And I try really, really hard to only stop every 3 hours or so on the interstate. My best interstate mileage was about...
  12. moondawg

    FS: 2001 GLS Jetta 180k miles $7200

    Thanks for the feedback, Bob. I'll take some pics this weekend.
  13. moondawg

    FS: 2001 GLS Jetta 180k miles $7200

    80-some views but no interest? Does anyone have any feedback? price too high? not enough pictures? Help a brother out, this is the first car I've ever sold. :^) Ryan
  14. moondawg

    FS: 2001 GLS Jetta 180k miles $7200

    2001 Galactic Blue GLS Jetta 180,000 miles Automatic transmission (rebuilt at 165k miles) Tan Leather interior Single DIN Cassette (cassette player no worky, radio is fine.) ~4000 miles on Nokian WRG2 tires. PP520 Nozzles from Kerma Clean title. I bought this car new in Dec of 2000. I've...
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  20. moondawg

    Concerned about an automatic's mileage

    I've been getting ~49 all week on my way to work! I love those 60F mornings! Afternoons with the AC on I've been doing about 46. 45 mile commute at 55 mph and slowing down through one little "burg" (Scipio, IN) and stopping in a bigger "burg" (North Vernon.) Nokian WR-G2 tires@50psi...