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  1. runonbeer

    Sold. 2010 Golf DSG, 130k, Chapel Hill NC

    I put a new RCV in the compressor in September of '22. Air-conditioning works great. I put all new wiper blades on it a month ago.
  2. runonbeer

    frequently asked torque specs

    These are specs from the Bentley repair manual. I ran a TDI specific shop for over 10 years. Ran em to 35. Not because I didn't trust the spec, but rather my wrench. I probably did like 800 ALH belt jobs. It's fine.
  3. runonbeer

    Sold. 2010 Golf DSG, 130k, Chapel Hill NC

    I thought of something else! The Texas tint on the car is (very stupidly) illegal here in NC. I got a doctor's note excusing it. Something about migraines. So you'll need to jump through those few hoops, or remove the tint :(
  4. runonbeer

    Sold. 2010 Golf DSG, 130k, Chapel Hill NC

    Little over 130k. Hmmm let me see if I can think of anything to add to my lengthy and descriptive original's white...I also replaced the under hood liner because it was all's got a few dings...I really love this car--whoops already said that ...I would like to emphasize how...
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    Sold. 2010 Golf DSG, 130k, Chapel Hill NC

    Sold. I'm reluctantly selling my beloved Golf. It's got some nice bells & whistles especially the Aux heater, PolarFIS, bi-xenon headlights and best of all no water-leaking, noise-making sunroof! I've had it since 2015 and about 70k. At that time the dealership had just installed a new fuel...
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    Time to move on.

    You can fix it for like $40. Link in my sig.
  7. runonbeer

    Steering rack replacement, easier without the transmission in the vehicle?

    $1M is the correct rate for beetle headlight bulb replacement
  8. runonbeer

    Brand new mk4 02J EGR?

    Or buy that one.
  9. runonbeer

    Brand new mk4 02J EGR?

    Just buy a used one from Frans. I've bought dozens and never had an issue with any of the transverse boxes I got from him. I installed a cascade rebuild once (like 10 years ago) and all the shifter support pin bolts were left loose and stranded my customer the same day I...
  10. runonbeer

    Crank no start alh tdi wiring makes me go insane (solved)

    It's probably fuse 32 as Nickmix also found out. Weird things happen from time to time
  11. runonbeer

    Difficulty Diagnosing ALH Overboost

    Check the air filter and snow screen for heavy debris. Make sure the large vacuum hose between the N75 and air box isn't plugged or that any part of it has become weak and is collapsing. A collapsing actuator line will also cause over boost.
  12. runonbeer

    Poor fuel economy, turbo on its way out?

    Thermostat is the first thing to try. I just replaced mine on my 2010 last weekend. I never saw >180 all winter on my PolarFIS. After new Tstat it hit 192 after 8 miles. Haven't driven it enough to get MPG numbers but they will be higher now. Unfortunately the thermostat is not easy to change.
  13. runonbeer

    2001 ALH Jetta - suddenly very little boost, after IP reseal. I have VCDS but new to it.

    What is the injection quantity reported in Measuring Block 001 at idle on a warm engine with the AC off?
  14. runonbeer

    FS: 2006 MKIV GLS Golf TDI Auto $2000, IL
  15. runonbeer

    Rough idling on cold start

    Compression test.
  16. runonbeer

    Hard tubing underneath IP is leaking water 2000 alh TDi

    I like to hit the bore in the block with a bit of sandpaper to dust off the rust. Wipe it clean after with a wet rag. I would usually give the o-ring a squirt of spray silicone lube to ensure that it doesn't roll when sliding in
  17. runonbeer

    2003 Jetta Wagon 5speed for sale in Austin TX

    By the way car is located in Austin TX. Just want to make sure that's clear.
  18. runonbeer

    2003 Jetta Wagon 5speed for sale in Austin TX

    Hi everyone. My friend Jen crashed her Jetta and is ready to move on. The good: Manual ALH wagon. The bad: crashed. It really doesn't look too bad to me. Hood, fender, lock carrier. Possibly a radiator. Didn't even break the headlights! No damage to rear. 390k miles. But it got a new motor...