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  1. mxracer291

    FS: 2000 JETTA part out. Charlotte,NC

    Did turbo turn out OK? Interested!
  2. mxracer291

    2000 Beetle TDI in Illinois $3000

    2000 VW Beetle TDI with a turbo diesel and automatic transmission will get 40+ mpg. 192k miles on the car, Transmission shifts strong and has had 40k mile transmission fluid change intervals. It has Firestone Winterforce Snow Tires with 80% tread. Timing belt kit from including all 3...
  3. mxracer291

    wtb audi 2.0 tdi bpw engine harness

    Did you find one of these?
  4. mxracer291

    2006 Audi A4Q Avant 2.0TFSI -> 2.0TDI (Holset edition)

    I am looking at building a B7 A4 with BHW swap. I have started sourcing parts, I am struggling to locate a BPW engine harness. Can you give any help where you sourced one from and what part number you used?
  5. mxracer291

    ALH - Quick cold starts but runs rough until warm

    I have the same issue on my wife's beetle I just put together for her. Anybody solve this yet?
  6. mxracer291

    Cr170 $600

    Cr170 turbo with inlet piping. 15k miles on it. $600 shipped anywhere in the continental United States for free.
  7. mxracer291

    CR TDI Buy back, OEM LED Headlights, DPF Delete, CR 170, weather tech etc!

    I'll take the turbo Sent from my LGLS991 using Tapatalk
  8. mxracer291

    What did you do to your mk6 Jetta today?

    Taped off a silver pin stripe on the tops of my interior trim pieces and painted the rest black to match the theme of the rest of the car!
  9. mxracer291

    What did you do to your mk6 Jetta today? Sent from my LGLS991 using Tapatalk
  10. mxracer291

    What did you do to your mk6 Jetta today?

    I agree, that was my goal... I've never actually liked the mk6 jetta. I intend for my winter project to be putting complete GLI trim on this car. Interior and exterior! Sent from my LGLS991 using Tapatalk
  11. mxracer291

    What did you do to your mk6 Jetta today?

    Stage 2 Econo and DSG tunes from Malone along with DPF Delete a couple weeks ago. Gloss black 19" MRR HR2 wheels and 225/35-19 tires, wet sand and ceramic glass coating done this past weekend! Sent from my LGLS991 using Tapatalk
  12. mxracer291

    DSG/Common Rail Help!?!?!

    It will probably be a few tanks before I see any mileage increase as I'll be smashing the pedal and smiling for a few weeks! Sent from my LGLS991 using Tapatalk
  13. mxracer291

    DSG/Common Rail Help!?!?!

    Took it down to CR Performance in Peoria last night for tuning. Great guy to deal with was very easy to schedule an appointment in the evening. $1285 was the total bill for Malone tunes and install. Definitely a different car when done! I would like to see the DSG tune shift sooner at wide open...
  14. mxracer291

    DSG/Common Rail Help!?!?!

    All fixed up and back in action with dpf delete... Malone stage 2 econo tune and DSG tune going in tomorrow after work! Sent from my LGLS991 using Tapatalk
  15. mxracer291

    DSG/Common Rail Help!?!?!

    This dmf slack seems acceptable actually. It has no out of the ordinary slop in the bearing either so I think I will reuse. Sent from my LGLS991 using Tapatalk
  16. mxracer291

    DSG/Common Rail Help!?!?!

    I removed that sensor when I pulled the engine out. Left the downpipe on the engine, left the sensor with the car Sent from my LGLS991 using Tapatalk
  17. mxracer291

    DSG/Common Rail Help!?!?!

    Unfortunately when buying a used car that comes down to a really big he said, she said thing and probably wouldn't be worth my time to try to take to court or anything like that. And realistically I wouldn't want to give the car back even with these issues. A little of my time and some money and...
  18. mxracer291

    DSG/Common Rail Help!?!?!

    Spoke with the dealer, they informed me the car had broken a timing belt but ensured me that the head was rebuilt and that the water pump and timing belt were all replaced with a new head gasket so there should be no leaks. The dealer did agree they would be willing to split the cost of parts...
  19. mxracer291

    DSG/Common Rail Help!?!?!

    Update.... Found broken motor mount on passenger side,possible explanation for noise in drive but no noise in reverse? Sent from my LGLS991 using Tapatalk
  20. mxracer291

    DSG/Common Rail Help!?!?!

    Long story short. I took the plunge last night and bought my first mk6, my first DSG, and my first Common Rail TDI. I bought a 2011 Jetta TDI with DSG transmission and 111,000 miles. I cannot stress how disappointed and stressed I am right now. I have worked on mk4's forever and loved them, but...