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  1. mkv Jetta

    mkv Jetta

    2005-2007 Jettas
  2. va_reman

    VAGCOM help

    I would like if someone has the expertise and the software that can help me adjust my euro tail lights I have installed on my mk5 tdi. Any locals out there please help. I am more than willing to compensate you for your time.
  3. va_reman

    "Best" Dealership Service Dept in DC/NoVA area?

    I price checked WagonWerks in Arlington and they were expensive. I did not get the work done there as I got a better price from AutoScandia in Herndon. They do go work but the guy I knew who did excellent work on Diesels and had one himself is now gone and I have no idea where he went.
  4. va_reman

    VAGCOM DC/Arlington Area

    Anyone in the area that I can pay to help with the use of their VAG COM as I am having lighting issues.
  5. va_reman


    Wish I could help. He did work on my car. Its hard to find a great mechanic and so reasonable.
  6. va_reman

    Replaced MAF still getting PO101 errror.

    I am in the same boat. What did you do to fix it? I got my MAF unit from IDparts also as that where I get all my parts from and I am throwing code PO101.
  7. va_reman

    VAGCOM DC/Arlington Area

    My car is in need of some VAGCOM, I need assistance with several issues but most important is the euro tail lights. I am willing to come to you and make a contribution as I need this done quick. Thank you.
  8. va_reman

    BRM Plug-and-Play Turbo Upgrade?

    I am ready and my car is more than ready as I believe the turbo is done on my car. I drive a beaten down chevy pickup waiting for this to be ready for purchase.
  9. va_reman

    2010 Jetta Cup Edition - Salsa Red

    I like it! Although when I was thinking about trading in my 06 and drove a TDI cup car in blue it was without the sunroof and no leather. THe sales shmo said they all came that way. You got a nice car. Have you seen Rocketchip (Jeff) yet? If not get more power out of it.
  10. va_reman

    2010 Jetta Cup Edition - Salsa Red

    I did not think they came with sunroofs... I might have to take another look.
  11. va_reman

    BRM Builds

    interested, good reading...
  12. va_reman

    Any MD, DC, Va local TDI around

    I am in NOVA and I have interested in meeting up.
  13. va_reman

    What did you do to your car today?

    MAF sensor and Fuel temp sensor. Busted my hand on the fuel sensor.
  14. va_reman

    What did you do to your car today?

    Lots of HID haters out there. So converting to HID is worse than having them in a new vehicle. I think no matter who put them in they are bright and blinding. But so many new vehicles are coming with them that by popular demand everyone will have them. Then tinted glass for HIDs will be...