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  1. McBrew

    Subarus, Head Gaskets

    Not quite true. There are actually three different AWD system, because the H6 has its own. The CVT is often quoted at 80/20, but is actually variable, and does NOT require wheel slip before the torque split changes. Mainly, it changes based on predictive input such as hard acceleration and...
  2. McBrew

    Anyone familiar with GM/Subaru?

    That one's got a few more miles than my 11 Outback... Just getting read to do the 30,000 mile change. Mine doesn't burn any oil. Runs great. I tow all the time. The stock tires kinda suck, but I switched them out for GY Assurance TripleTreds. Good upgrade!
  3. McBrew

    Teens waiting later to drive.

    When I was 16 aa back in '92, pretty much all of my friends rushed it to get their licenses and buy some junker. My first car was a 1983 240D that I paid for myself. The day I took my driving test (and passed the first time), I left the MVA (DMV) and went straight to work... Delivering Chinese...
  4. McBrew

    Your car tells people something about you....

    It's true that the new Outback (like mine) is considered an SUV as far as thenEPA is concerned... But at least it is SULEV and PZEV rated. They also have the balls to rate them to tow in the US. Granted, they lower the Euro rating of 4,000-4,400 pounds down to 2,700-3,000 pounds, but it's...
  5. McBrew

    Tow Vehicle

    We tow our 20 foot Shamrock with a 1995 Chevy van with the 6.5 non-turbo diesel. Yes, that engine is a dinosaur that only puts out 160 horses, but it has proven very reliable. It has over 200,000 miles on it and tows like a champ. It gets up to 24 MPG on the highway, and high teens when...
  6. McBrew

    Diesel MINIs for America!

    I'm not gonna say AWD wouldn't be cool... But if a FWD car is bad in the snow, the tires are to blame. Most car companies don't put good snow tires on as OEM. Even Subaru uses tires that are pretty marginal in snow.
  7. McBrew

    Honda sued in Small Claims Court for Civic Hybrid Mileage

    I thought the suit was a bit ridiculous when I first heard about it. After all, the EPA sets the testing procedure, and car companies just repeat the results. However, the whole re-flash thing changes everything. If my 2003 Golf TDI was getting 50 MPG, then VW told me to come in and get the...
  8. McBrew

    my new golf tdi, towing my airstream

    As someone who tows regularly (weekly) with a small (now mid size) car, I can tell you that the armchair speculation NEVER ends. Don't try to debate it using your FACTS and EXPERIENCE. Nothing trumps a bucket full of "I betcha." Just keep doing what you're doing. I can see that you are doing...
  9. McBrew

    Why change the brake Fluid?

    You must have had the 4 cylinder (Mazda) engine. I dated a girl in the 90s who had a 91 Probe with the Ford V6 (pushrod engine)... Even with synthetic oil changes every 3,000 miles, it died at 105,000 miles. The junkyard replacement engine died 10,000 miles later. It is tue that your brake...
  10. McBrew

    Tow truck drivers and DSG rant

    From experience, I can tell you that most (all?) jump packs will NOT put power to a completely dead battery. This is because they have a polarity sensing circuit to make sure you have the cables hooked up properly before juice can flow. If it can't sense the polarity, nothing will happen. I...
  11. McBrew

    Tow a 6x10 Trailer NY to TX?

    There is no 20% rule. Class I hitches are usually 2,000/200. That's 10%. As mentioned, in Europe 4% is usually acceptable. That is, after all, where these cars were made. It is also where these cars are intended to tow. Towing with a car is a very normal occurrence in European countries...
  12. McBrew

    Tow a 6x10 Trailer NY to TX?

    Use a POWERED tail light converter. I usually use Hopkins brand, but there are others. Powered converters only take a signal from your lights... The actual power to lit the trailer lights comes directly from your car's battery. This protects your car's wiring, and often lights the trailer...
  13. McBrew

    Tow a 6x10 Trailer NY to TX?

    20% tongue weight is WAY too much for a trailer like this. Might not matter with a big truck, but it is way too much for a car. The standard in the US is 10% on the tongue (because we tend to drive fast with trailers in tow). However, in Europe, th pe recommended minimum is 4% on the weight...
  14. McBrew

    new Honda 1.6L "Earth Dreams" Diesel

    tdi90hp, I agree with you... but the general public does not. Honda has no incentive to make their cars more solid... they sell all the cars they can make without a problem. People like you and me just need to give up and realize that Hondas are not made for us. They are made for the masses...
  15. McBrew

    Cash Cows

    Maybe when they hop back in the sack with Isuzu.
  16. McBrew

    BMW Diesel Engines in Toyotas?

    Interesting... Especially since BMW has used Toyota diesels in the Mini.
  17. McBrew

    Show what you tow!

    Temps may well go down if you downshift. I have seen it happen. Try it out!
  18. McBrew

    Show what you tow!

    True, but that just means you need to downshift sooner... Before you lose speed due to traffic or a hill. It took me a while to learn this, and to get over the feeling that downshifting meant I was 'defeated' by a hill. It's just the proper thing to do, and probably better for your engine...
  19. McBrew

    Growing a pair for my Sprinter

    Wait... Should I be unhappy with my stock 2.7 liter 156 horsepower Sprinter? Lol!
  20. McBrew

    Show what you tow!

    Why the heck wouldn't you downshift? Sounds like it is exactly what your engine needed. Am I missing something? Even many "real" tow vehicles (pickups and SUVs) require shifting out of 5th for towing, and many are eager to shift to 3rd on hills. By the way, I use the term "real" with...