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  1. OnePutt

    WTB: 2000-2003 TDI manual Jetta, Golf or Wagon

    IBW- do you recall the details of that one in Bakersfield? I am considering selling and could use some help on pricing for a good condition, low mileage, 02M. Mine hasn’t been run in over a decade. Lol
  2. OnePutt

    T3 Touareg plastic fender flares

    Not sure if you are still looking, but there is a guy on FB parting out a 2011 gasser.
  3. OnePutt

    2015 Q7 vs. 2015/16 MB GL350?

    Hello - I've been looking to buy a Q7 (TDI of course) for a while now, but wanted to know if anybody has compared the Q7 against the MB GL 350 BlueTEC. I have a 2013 Touareg TDI, so I sort of know what I'm getting into w/ the Q7. I've read lots about the pano roof and Air Suspension on the...
  4. OnePutt

    How to check restitution claim on TDI

    Hi - I am shopping for a Q7 TDI. Is there a way to check the VW claims portal and determine if a current owner has received the restitution payment on a specific vehicle? I've been to the VW claims portal, but don't see if there is a way to determine if the payment has already been settled...
  5. OnePutt

    Bay Area Meetups?

    Oh man...those were good days Romad...I enjoyed kicking it in the sun for a few hours at those GTG's. I wasn't aware of how/why these GTG's stopped.... Hows the wagon treating you? I just fixed a boost leak on my lower intercooler pipe and now it drives pretty good...not perfect...but way...
  6. OnePutt

    U.S. regulators approve fix for VW 3.0-liter diesel SUVs - Gen 2

    Yikes...was somebody hedging against this one?
  7. OnePutt

    Matt Phelan/Matt-98AHU now wrenching in San Anselmo

    Congratulations Matt! I know you've been wanting to do this for years now.
  8. OnePutt

    Strut mount replacement question

    Here is a pretty good youtube video on strut replacement. and Wingnut's write up here I think the top nut is a 21 or 22 mm
  9. OnePutt

    2004 Jetta Wagon BEW Performance Issues

    Unplug the MAF and see if it performs better. If so, replace it
  10. OnePutt

    WTB - OEM stock Downpipe for 2005 TDI (BEW)

    I did. I paid $200 shipped. It was more than I thought it would be, but worth it.
  11. OnePutt

    2000 jetta 1.9L tdi cranks but wont start

    Check your Anti Shudder Valve is operating correctly or isn't stuck in the closed position. Clean the EGR Valve and IM if it is getting stuck. Here are some troubleshooting steps for you:
  12. OnePutt

    Golf Mk4 1.9Tdi feeling sluggish

    Clean out your IM to start. These instructions should be close enough to your car:
  13. OnePutt

    Engine cover parts - named?

    put a WTB ad in the classifieds section if you really want these pieces. many people take the silly plastic engine cover off as it's dead weight and I'm sure somebody will be happy to sell you theirs. You'd be looking for an engine cover for a 2004 or 2005 (BEW engine code). This is very easy...
  14. OnePutt

    Hook battery backwards

    BSLick - You aren't the first to do this nor the last. Do a search for "Reverse Polarity" TDI. Hopefully you just blew a bunch of fuses. If its not already at the dealership, you can check all the fuses one by one. You may have more than one fuse box, so be sure to check them all. Check...
  15. OnePutt

    Thinking about another TDI again.

    Congrats. These arm rests don't stand up too well to the test of time. There are a couple bolts that hold it in place that may have worked themselves loose, or could be a broken hinge or latch. DLC - Data Link Connector or Diamond Like...
  16. OnePutt

    Thinking about another TDI again.

    I'm going to throw in a vote for a 97 (if you can find one) because they don't need to be smog certified in CA. I have 2 A4 (one ALH and one PD)...I'd go with ALH with 2003 being the last year before the PD if you decide on the A4 platform
  17. OnePutt

    2004 BEW PD - EGR Readiness Missing or Incomplete - No CEL/DTCs

    iduff - Im having the same issue on my 05 PD. Did you ever resolve this issue? If so, can you share how? Thanks