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    What did you do to your Audi TDI today?

    Yup… just did mine last week. Picked up the blower motor on eBay for $37 Its below the glove box .. pull out the cover and it’s right there .. I think there were 7 screw that need to be take out … 2 were a little pain to get to. When mounting the new blower motor .. make sure the plastic...
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    Comment by 'PeteZ06' in media '6896B966-2210-4129-803B-D702E835A68C.jpeg'

    Swapped tranny fluid and engine oil on the Q7
  3. Q7 TDI

    Q7 TDI

    Q7 TDI
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    What did you do to your Audi TDI today?

    Full delete and Malone tune this past Tuesday Installed trailer hitch today 2013 Q7
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    New to me Q7 TDI

    Picked it up today from PA and drove it back to IL. 2013 Premium Plus with 75k miles. Has every option that a Prestige model unit I test drove had except no vented seats and no push button start. But this one has the cold weather package with a heated steering wheel, which will come in handy...
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    New to me Q7 TDI

    accidental double post
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    High mileage Q7's

    Picking up a 2013 Q7 TDI with 75k miles this weekend.. $23k . Felt like that was a good price for the miles. Every option except cooled seats. Already have an appt for the following weekend to get it deleted and Malone tuned.
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    WTB 2013-2015 Q7 TDI

    Found one and picking it up this weekend Already ordered a delete and tune for it 😈
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    WTB 2013-2015 Q7 TDI

    Must haves Under 80K miles No air suspension Dark interior Please PM me if you know of something 👍🏼
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    Which tune should I use?

    Got the 535D deleted and Malone tuned yesterday. Stock the car is a very well driven diesel With the piggyback it woke it up nicely. With the delete and true tune.. its a beast. Running on GoodYear RunFlats that need to be replaced soon, but now I'm briefly spinning all 4 tires from a dead...
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    FS RaceChip GTS Black for F10 535D $350

    I've been using it the past 2.5 years with no problems. Reason for selling is that since my warranty recently ended, I'm doing a full delete with a downpipe and going with a Malone tune. RaceChip claims +55 hp and + 69 tq Comes with box and install directions. Lists for 600 new Asking $350...
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    Which tune should I use?

    I see their hp claims are very much on par with Malone, they also seem like a solid choice.
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    Which tune should I use?

    The gains that Rocketchips is claiming on his website on some of the cars he does have listed seem to be more comparable with a piggyback tune like I’m currently running from Racechips. Again, maybe his website just isn’t up to date. Other tuners claim better results, but maybe those numbers...
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    Which tune should I use?

    I’m sure they tune it, but according to Rocketchips website, they don’t. One of my pet peeves when a computer company can’t even update their website. I’m gonna stick with Malone. The guy has been tuning what seems like the longest and even teaches college classes in the field. Plus I had...
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    Which tune should I use?

    2014 535D I've been happily running a RaceChip Black piggyback tune for the past few years. Since now my warranty ended, I'm getting ready to do a EGR, DPF delete along with a true written tune. I see a few different options. The only one I have experience with is a Malone on my A3 TDI with...
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    2016 BMW X3 x28d

    Nice ride.. I also didn't realize they made a X3 diesel.. After purchasing my 535D I soon realized they also made a 740LD to go up against the A8L TDI... That 7class diesel is a major unicorn...
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    Jeep Grand Cherokee Eco Diesel

    The diesel Jeeps have always intrigued me a bit. Hows the reliability on them and what do you guys see as real life MPG's?