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    The Mrs. finally got her Mini

    I test drove one in the UK that I was considering buying, probably 20 years ago. It was a '67 Cooper S. The car went like stink in the back roads of northern England, even in the cold that day. The seller wanted $10K for it, which at the time was more than I wanted to spend. I regret not buying...
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    The Mrs. finally got her Mini

    Whenever I see a classic Mini I'm amazed at how tiny they are.
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    2003 GOLF TDI 2DR 5SPD for sale

    Photo link doesn't work for me.
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    Rocketchip Tune

    Jeff is still tuning, mostly through local shops. You're pretty close to him, so I'd reach out and see if you can meet up. He did an awesome job tuning my BRM years ago: Gained 50 HP on the dyno with a tune only.
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    Burpod technical difficulties 😬

    Because I find myself on one of 4 computers at any point during the day, I have all my files on dropbox. My office computer was ransomwared a couple years ago and it was a non-event, because there wasn't any data on it. We wiped the hard drive, reloaded Windows and applications, and asked...
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    real world EVs review

    If that's the reason, I'm OK with that. As long as no one is thinking this is a practical idea.
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    real world EVs review

    You realize how silly this is, right?
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    02S 6 speed conversion into 02J case

    Keep in mind that applying a lot of torque at low revs in 5th has caused more than a few 5th gears to strip.
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    What are these three things?!

    Those are coolant glow plugs. They're supposed to operate when it's cold out to help the engine warm up faster. If they're not working they don't throw a code, however.
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    Just bought a 2004 tdi wagon and have a suspension question

    Depends on what's in there. If the PO just installed lowering springs, you should be able to re-use the bumpstops and boots, along with the spring tops and nuts. I seriously doubt there is any life left in the OE struts and shocks if they are in fact original to the car. So I'd replace those...
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    Well this is something

    I don't buy cars to wreck them. And I don't carry any collision or theft coverage on my older VWs. I wouldn't have on that Jetta, either, had I won the auction. My belief is you should only have collision or theft coverage if it would cause you a financial hardship to pay for accident repairs or...
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    I've had Oceans on my Wagon for a long time.
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    Well this is something

    I stopped at $12,500. With the fee and cost of retrieving it I would have been spending close to $14K at that bid. Then I want to have the timing belt service checked, out, replace strut mounts at least (they're obviously shot in the photos), and probably replace the 7 year old tires. I'm...
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    Well this is something

    Sold for $13,250. Too rich for me. I hope the next owner enjoys it.
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    Well this is something

    I never liked parallel parking my MK5 Jetta. The trunklid was too high to see the front of the car behind me. I don't worry much about rear seat space or headroom: I rarely have more than 2 people in a car.
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    Well this is something

    Oddly, I've never owned a MKIV Jetta Sedan. My son had one, same color as this, but with leather. It was nice. And since I have a Golf and 3 wagons...
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    Best year TDI to mod?

    In terms of power output and weight in a MK1 I'd be inclined to look at the 1.4L 3 cylinder TDI that was in the Polo. It would make plenty of power for that platform and be super efficient. And it would keep the car from being too nose heavy.
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    AC Cold Enough?

    I was driving my '97 Passat this morning and the A/C was cold enough to fog the rear window. Gotta love old VW A/C tech.
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    real world EVs review

    I was talking to a colleague about this today. He had an early ID.4 and now has a Rivian. He says that VW's big EV failing is the electronics. They just don't seem to be able to figure it out. He said that they have finally, but just barely, figured out over-the-air updates. And their engine...
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    oops! I did it again - back in the TDI game

    Quick but not fast. On track my Wagon with extensive mods was only slightly faster than a stock GTI. And I think that was mostly because I had better tires.