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    2003 Golf two-door salvage car available in NC [$2000]

    thank you for the kind words. any advice for a local tdi-er with a broken tdi? i would like something out of this damaged 'investment' and to see it live on in some way... at least the parts could be transplanted into needy cars. your suggestions are welcome!
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    WTB: Wrecked Damaged Broken TDIs MANUAL

    What a coincidence that we should be in the same town! Two messages in your inbox. -Addison
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    2003 Golf two-door salvage car available in NC [$2000]

    2003 Golf two-door salvage car available in NC [$3000] Two-door GL model, 1.9L TDI [ALH] engine, mileage is 190K, alloy VW wheels, Yokohama tires, aftermarket sunroof, power windows/mirrors, clean grey cloth interior [GL], manual transmission, otherwise stock set-up. No air bag deployment and...
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    ALH engine complete...10mm pump

    I think I may need your help. North Carolina c'mon and raise up! PM sent.
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    WTB: 2003 black driver side bumper vent

    I just so happen to have one. Think it is exactly what you need. I don't think I need it at the moment. I hit a bigger animal. What would you like to offer to cover packaging, handling, and postage? I need a lot of other parts at the moment. Do you think the Golf part will fit your Jetta...