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    Success! - ALLTRACK Springs on Mk7 Sportwagen TDI = 2" Lift!

    I did this "upgrade" 9 months ago, and added Bilstein struts and shocks. The Bilsteins were for a "stock replacement", not the lowered suspension version. Both shafts for the front struts snapped in half under the lock nut. Fortunately, it literally happened backing my car out of the driveway...
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    [Wanted] 2014-2012 TDI Sportwagen W/DSG

    Looking for a TDI Sportwagen, 2014-2012. Definitely not a black exterior. Prefer an automatic, but I would consider a stick. Heated seats a must. Reply here, send a PM with contact info. If there's a minty 2005 wagon out there, I'd consider that too- that's what was lost. The 2005 would...
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    The most extreme battery I could find for my car!

    Do NOT buy the Odyssey PC 1700 for this application. This battery does NOT come with the angled groove on the bottom to facilitate actually anchoring it to the vehicle. I don't know what the OP did, or if Odyssey changed the product since the thread was created, but I bought one and now have...
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    2005 Wagon PD Poor Cold Starting

    Yes, I understand that. I have owned diesel vehicles since 1998, and they have lived outdoors. Pertty much problem free darn near all of the time. However, last year was the first time I was left stranded at home by my vehicles. Most likely my fault by not adding enough anti-gel, which is hard...
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    2005 Wagon PD Poor Cold Starting

    Well, it's that time of year again. As the temperature drops below about 30 degrees F, I get more whitish smoke upon startup. Today it was -2F and I got *plenty* of white smoke and it sounded like there were several large steel ball bearings floating around in the engine for a bit. The...
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    2005 Timing Belt Replacement near Chicago, IL

    Ok, fair enough. Does anyone have any feedback (good or bad) for the places in that list pertaining to a timing belt job? The shop in West Chicago is closest to my location.
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    2005 Timing Belt Replacement near Chicago, IL

    As the title implies, I am in need of a timing belt replacement on my 2005 Wagon. I have found out that the interval has been reduced from 100k to 80k, so I am either over or under, depending on how you look at it. Also would like to make sure that the timing is set properly. Too many...
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    Oil Consumption, Oil droplets @ Intake, Loose Intercooler Hose @ Intake

    I have been noticing something odd with my 2005 TDI Jetta Wagon (80k miles). Oil use/loss has gone up. The hose from the intercooler to the intake is "popped out" against the retaining clip stop. There are oil droplets/spots and some oil dampness on the area immediately...
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    Ford: contact us if you want Diesels

    What are you smoking?
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    Use a Prelube Pump anyone?

    What about this:
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    FS - terminal release tools for wiring harness

    I would like to buy a pair... maybe the PM feature isn't working, so let's try this route.
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    Great Booster Cable Suggestion?

    The best set of jumper cables I bought came from Car Quest (NAPA) and they were within spitting distance of $100 over 10 years ago. They are likely 4 gauge- they are the best ones that were available at the time, and US made. They are flexible in the cold. I have the parts to make a set out of...
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    Battery Charger Question

    It was around -17*F here yesterday, and my car didn't want to start easily... after letting the Webasto heater run for about 20 minutes. I tried a cold start the previous day when it was a bit "warmer" at -10* F and I cycled the glow plugs twice. Very slow crank. I have an OE battery that is...
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    A Car That Could Make Me Sell My TDIs!!!

    A Mr. Fusion is the way to go :)
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    Scwaben Terminal Toolkit Review

    I have the same toolkit. Not impressed. Fit and finish of the business ends is poor... most of the fab $$$ must be in the foam insert and the nifty locking handles. Disappointed it was made in Taiwan- should have figured so. Interested in locating quality similar tools. Probably a $5...
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    Synthetic Blinker Fluid

    Somewhat. You have to turn the car upside down to drain the fluid from the vent holes in the non-removable headlight housings. The fluid lines to all other external blinkers are connected via a 12 line connector. Use of a fluid extractor will void the warranty. Removal of the 12 line...
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    Synthetic Blinker Fluid

    If you use the wrong kind of fluid, you will get Blinker Migration. Consider yourself warned.
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    Michelin HydroEdge tires

    The Hydro Edge is marketed as an all season tire... "premium" at that. I just picked up a set of snow tires- something that I do not really have the room to store, but the Hydros would probably result in an...