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    real world mpg after the fix

    When I started this thread, I didn't realize so many people here would have such varying mpg averages or be questioning other people's averages so much. I was more just curious about the before and after. I've checked my mpg by fully topping up the tank and calculating from the odometer, and the...
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    real world mpg after the fix

    It's stock, no dpf delete or tune. It used to always be around 42. Yesterday it was right at 46 with the trip odometer at something like 3900 miles. It's like the car is telling me to not get rid of it. I do not drive it easy, every acceleration is full power shifting around 3k rpm, but I always...
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    real world mpg after the fix

    As I've surpassed 100k miles, my mpg has gotten better, to the average of 46 or so. I do 80, 85 where it's legal, & typically 67 in 65 zones. Mostly highway driving. I've read that the "fix" will reduce mpg by 2. Thing is, my average mpg is higher than the posted highway mpg on the sticker. So...
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    When do you get paid if you sign up for the fix? 50% up front or what?

    Thanks for the replies. That link only addresses the payment time frame on the 2015 cars for the fix though, not the older ones, as far as I could tell anyway. I'm guessing by not explicitly mentioning it, the payment would only be at the time of repair.
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    When do you get paid if you sign up for the fix? 50% up front or what?

    I have heard multiple conflicting answers to this & have been asked this myself without knowing the answer, so I thought I'd ask. Hopefully someone who has signed up for the fix will answer. Thanks. Sorry if this has been asked repeatedly, my computer at my house died & I've already wasted an...
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    anyone thinking of going malone stage 4?

    Mine is a manual. I was just thinking if vw would give me the $ for their "fix" & then I went stage 4, that'd sure be one way I'd keep the car.
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    Third Broken Spring!

    I'd sure be curious to see a couple pictures of those broken springs. I've never seen a coil spring break, only leafs on pickups, & those were overloaded & abused.
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    Reducing Road noise

    I've used those rolled up sheets of stuff from cascade audio engineering, it definitely works. You have to mold it with a heat gun, but it doesn't add much weight at all. Takes all the ring right out of the metal. I even put that stuff on a shovel just for kicks, you could drag it on the...
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    Reducing Road noise

    You might be surprised at how much of a difference there is in tire quality between the brands & types. My 37" mud tires are quieter inside my pickup than some garbage tires are on cars. That said, I used to really value having nice stereos in my vehicles, & sound dampening is the 1st step. Kind...
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    anyone thinking of going malone stage 4?

    I was just randomly checking the malone tuning site & they're coming out with a new turbo kit for these cars. I have to give them credit, right at the time when everyone is submitting to the government & buybacks, malone steps it up. My question here is how many people are considering this? A...
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    Curious if anyone has gotten a speeding ticket in their VW

    My previous daily driver was a 2002 grand prix gtp. Supercharged. Red. I never got speeding tickets in that thing, yet was pulled over many times. I think like 7 times during the time I owned it. 47 in a 35, 80 in a 65, etc. Yet the officers were always friendly and just let me go. With my Golf...
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    Why are there not many manual transmissions?

    I also chose the manual in my golf tdi over the DSG due to simplicity, but do regret that decision. The DSG drives better because it does not lose boost between shifts, and is clearly a technological advancement over the old manual. Yet you can't buy an MK6 Golf R with a DSG in America. Talk...
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    2010 jetta sportwagen engine seized at 80,000 miles.

    If this seizing is a result of hydrolocking, I can mention a few solutions. #1, my solution of drilling a 1/32" or smaller hole at the bottom of the charge pipe in front of the oil pan, this drains any water as it melts motor running or not. Probably 98% of people flame me for doing it, yet it...
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    Drilling a drain hole in the intercooler plumbing

    Originally Posted by JasonG This looks like a perfect fix. [Edited] Just to clarify as people are getting hung up on a minor point. 1/8"=0.125" 3mm=0.119" 7/64"=0.1093" 3/32"=0.0938"=2.38mm 1/16"=0.05"=1.27mmm I believe Afarfalla stated he used a 3/32" drill bit. A 2.5mm would be the...
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    2012 JSW - HPFP or other Risks?

    I run a lubricity additive like Howes, or some low ash 2 stroke snowmobile oil, jaso spec fc, or iso-egd. They won't clog the DPF. Not the wal mart outboard oil. That was okay before the DPFs, but not anymore, according to multiple sources I've read anyway.
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    Babying TDI Hurt It - Drive Like Grandpa or You Stole It

    This is an excellent graph to illustrate how pathetically tiny the stock turbo is. The torque starts its decline off a cliff at only 2500 rpm. These should have come from VW with the turbo from the audi 3.0 tdi , the gtb2260vk. Keep your rpm down, cylinder pressure high, and mpg high. That's...
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    Drilling a drain hole in the intercooler plumbing

    That's another option that has been discussed, but I do not agree that it is the "right way". As discussed, any valve must be opened and closed at certain times, how do you know when? You don't know how much condensation has accumulated, or if it is frozen, or liquid. Your valve also may not...
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    Drilling a drain hole in the intercooler plumbing

    If I read about this as a guy who was totally new to cars and had just dropped $20k+ on this car, there is no way I'd ever do it solely based on some guy on the internet saying it works. I'd have to gain a lot of knowledge first. So I'm not trying to convince anyone to do this mod. What I am...
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    anyone know where to get the eurohitch without paying $150 for shipping?

    I've always wanted a hitch on my tdi, but the only hitch design I think is really legitimate is european, it seems. They replace the bumper, instead of bolting to a less structural part of the car and hanging down below the bumper. The westfalia hitch from PF Jones is about $150 to ship from the...
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    Preventing rust - VW and their love of fender foam!

    So the mk6s have this? What about the weird porous material lining the rear fenderwells? (Or that the inner fenderwells are made of?) That material looks like it was designed solely to hold road salt.