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    where can I find lug wrench for 2005 jetta Diesel wagon

    The stock one should be in the trunk if it’s not just use a normal socket and breaker bar from someone Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    mafless tune

    Just have whoever tuned the car turn the fuel down it doesn’t really need a MAF it just helps with better efficiency on a stock motor Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    $20 Finder's fee opportunity

    Don’t buy the Chinese one. My dad bought one a while back for a Peterbilt 379 install and it broke within a year and they wouldn’t do anything for him Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    best clutch /flywheel disc

    Call Kentucky clutch in obviously Kentucky. He built me a whole clutch+flywheel setup for my 03 alh good for 400ftlbs and it was under 500$ got about 30k miles on it now and it works great and feel is light and great Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Connecticut TDI owners roll call

    Tim here in Hebron. Have a 03 golf. I’ve never replaced seals but I have changed pumps out 3 times. I also Have the tool to open the IP Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    P0216 code and loud knock from IP

    Im in ct so it’s not the worst. This car is actually pretty clean engine bay wise so hopefully it comes loose. Do you know where to find a timing solenoid? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    P0216 code and loud knock from IP

    03 golf with 228k on it. It does have hflox .240 nozzles and a straight pipe but that’s it. A few weeks back a loud knock starting coming from the engine and I noticed a lot of reduced power. It came and went a few times so I starting looking around. Doing a little investigating I was able to...
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    More tdi smoke

    no, no diagnosis i was just posting a video up. i know its not tuned right, it has no tune at all at the moment. i just got all horny that night and decided to throw the videos up on here. on the other note i do have an egt/boost combo and up the hill was only 900f and the quick revs it doesnt...
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    More tdi smoke

    power is not low but the turbo vanes are very gummy and it overboosts alot but i have my boost gauge so i watch and make sure i never really go over 15lbs. i checked the snow screen too and thats clean...but its probly from the hflox .240s i have in it
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    More tdi smoke Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    03 golf tdi front end rebuild

    Forgot to post updates. Got it running the next day drove fine got it realigned everything's nice. Then I got my r32 bumper painted and backless grill painted and installed. Another down at the ct river. So everything's well and then today a fox runs out in front of me and........ SMASH 10f...
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    Alh 19 degree cold start smoke

    My car with the hflox 240s doesn't smoke nearly that much when starting but it also cranks faster then yours. Make sure ur battery's real charged up or u might be getting a weak starter. Also it's pretty easy to do. Just cycle the ignition more then once so u get more glow plug time Sent from...
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    High idle switch in alh???

    I have a feeling it's the vanes. I tried reaching down and moving it by hand but it barely wanted to more and the way it's slowly been getting worse also makes me believe the vanes are all gunked up. Thanks for the help Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    High idle switch in alh???

    just retested my theory and this time unplugging the maf did nothing still overboost to 20lbs. any thoughts?
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    High idle switch in alh???

    thanks for everybodys input i guess i will be waiting until i get my tune. also does anyone have good expierience with overboost issues? i used to make 17-18 sustained with 20-22 lb spikes. i know 13 lbs is stock so i just drove easy trying to figure out why it was overboosting. but now we can...
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    High idle switch in alh???

    has anyone ever heard or or made a high idle switch or something like that for slightly faster warm up? my 03 on these teen degree mornings takes a good amount of time to make heat and a ways of driving to get to temp. egr is deleted though so its not too much of a suprise
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    Speaker upgrades in a Mk4

    out of everything ive learned from changing out about 6-7 iffernt vehicles with complete systems. let everything do its own job. u dont need crazy expensive speakers the cheaper ones sound fine. get a good hu with good power and depending on how much bump u like choose your sub/subs. when u make...
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    .240 nozzles stock AHF

    i installed the hflox 240s in my stock tdi back in june and if you wanted it to we would smoke like a train. deleted the egr and not too much smoke anymore. they did add a lot of power tho
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    03 golf tdi front end rebuild

    Adding pics of new ears being installed New control arms ball joints stutt bushings Power steering hose is coming in today and then she will get the radiator and fire up Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro