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    Jetta TDI 2000 brakes & rotors problem

    I too am experiencing a similiar situation and am thinking the caliper mounts could be the culprit. I had a stripped thread and had to install a helicoil but never got the hole bored straight. You may want to check to see if your caliper mounts have been drilled and helicoiled.
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    Champagne performance on a beer budget

    ok...thx so much lug nut and pb.
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    Champagne performance on a beer budget

    How did you tap into those teenie tiny wires on the harness. There is hardly anything there to work with? NOWHERE have i found any illustrations on the hookup to these 2 wires (2&3) on the harness. If someone who has done this mod could post some photos it would be most appreciated. The rest of...
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    2003 Jetta TDI poor fuel efficiency

    Wish i could get the power back on my 2000 jetta tdi. It slowly lost power over a period of 12 months and i figured it was the intake clogging up. Symptoms are very poor mileage (possibly half of what it usually had gotten).... very poor turbo performance on the hills altho the turbo is working...
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    Easy Lubro Moly Diesel Purge How-To - with pics!!

    fuel consumption at idle not to get off topic but i idled my 2000 jetta TDI overnight for 14 hrs in -35 deepfreeze and used under 1/8 of a tank. must say i was pretty impressed. show me a power plant that can accomplish this and i'll buy it.
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    Newbies and Vets: Tips for better fuel economy!

    Idled 2000 jetta tdi for 14 hours in minus 20's with rad covered and used less than 1/8 of a tank. 2500' elevation. There is'nt a generator out there that can match this.
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    Relay 109 - Main Power Supply Fuse

    A few bad beer can really throw a wrench into them printing presses. Listen to Alex Jones at won't believe what you don't know
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    Champagne performance on a beer budget

    what is a 1.5k pot?
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    Power box install help

    Hi everyone...i am trying to install a power box on a 2000 jetta tdi but can't seem to locate the fuel temerature sensor (to which it attaches)...does anyone know where it is located or where there may be a reference picture available? Thanks
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    Emergency oil leak

    amazing but true !!! the exact same thing happened to me today...lost half my oil in no time at all. freaked me out. upon inspection i see the leak is from the top of the square housing below the round filter housing. hoping it just needs a wrench on that big bolt at the base. how is it that...