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    TDI Timing Revisited

    Timing adjustment after belt change for best mpg ? So I am going to try the below adjustments to see if I can get my ALH TDI motor in my 2002 beetle to do better than it is. The timing belt was changed by previous owner, and he was not aware of the "tweeking" that can be done if you have a...
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    TDI Timing Revisited

    Thanks for Vag Com help Thanks for the help. just got my Ross Tech Vag Com, and my 2002 TDI beetle timing needs some adjusting I think. I did find it at 4.0 tdc, but I will use your tutorial and see if I cant get it set for better fuel mileage
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    What can cause poor fuel mileage on a TDI PD engine

    what is a TDI PD ???? what is the PD ???? and why would you just not spell the entire word ???
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    Fix kits for broken New Beetle door handles

    Simple Beetle door handle fix My door handles were both broke when bought car. you need (2) 6mm x 60 mm with 1.0 pitch screw for each side from Loews can be used from the outside of handle and fix it cheap and easy. The only down side is the screw head is showing. To do this take the outer...