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    Lousy MPG with new TDIs??!!

    i used to get better on my 2001 jetta, sure miss that car
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    Farewell TDi Club

    after a 1998 and 2001 jetta i havn't had a tdi in about 8 years but i still keep up and read this great site. maybe some day i'd like a golf tdi but not now.
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    Gloves for Refueling ???

    i do, also worried about the fuel on my skin causing problems down the road.
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    Short commute question

    lake placid is my favorite vacation spot. a few years ago with my 2001 jetta i joined the 800 mile club going from buffalo to l.p and most of the way home! keep the oil changed and watch the goo on the oil fill cap. my drive to work in buffalo was on 4 miles and it didn't warm up either...
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    what is the coldest weather your tdi started?

    a few years ago buffalo got 7 feet of snow. my hood bent in from the weight. car was an ice cube but started up
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    So what's the deal with foaming?

    on a few trips i have gone over 800 miles also, fuel up to the cap!
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    Fuel additives

    i use lucas ucl for years and no problems in winter or summer
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    Sirius Renew $70?

    i think i paid $140.00. my car was buried under snow and lost signal.the radio read 186, i call sirus and they loaded me back up no problems so far.
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    01 bmw 325xi

    if you have a good one? if not parts are very expensive and if you have electrical problems? my dream car is an x5, but only under warrenty.
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    The family beater... on winter wheels :(

    i wish jetta's had 4 motion
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    FS: 2001 Jetta GLS TDI -ONTARIO- Need new head

    do you know of nile jenkins ? he's on the radio 99.5 from buffalo ny saturday mornings 7-9 am? carconnection radio show
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    Should I be concerned buying a TDI with 500k+ mi.

    not me,save up some money and buy one with less miles
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    TDI Wedding

    All My Best
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    new 2009 questions

    hi again, i posted this question before the crash. i had a few good answers but now they are gone. so feel free to come back to me. i had a 2001 jetta tdi but sold it after a few years, i was happy with it. now in new york state we can buy 2009 tdi's. i will go to autohause vw in orchard park...
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    2009 TDI break-in? Any differences?

    life is too short, if you want to change the oil early go ahead
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    TDI's in Buffalo,NY area!!

    LIVING IN BUFFALO like the rest of you i sell a lot of tdi's from canada tooting around here
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    I want to be smart like YOU!

    WOW, some good reading i tell ya
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    Words of wisdom

    i think that you'll be fine
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    Air Filter Maintenance A5

    TO me its cheap insurance and i change it myself