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    Please help...moving need to find mechanic

    Hey guys, been forever since I posted, but I’m leaving California for Savannah, GA. Does anybody recommend a mechanic out there in Savannah area? Any help would be appreciated in finding a reliable honest mechanic that knows their way around an ALH platform. Thanks ! Tom
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    ALH mods suggestions

    Just to chime in here; My '02 Golf has almost 300K, Southbend Stage 2 Daily, VNT-17, DLC764, and a Malone Stage 4, dyno'd @157HP & 294tq, and still 52.554mpg @ 75mph on stock gear 5-spd. (Stopping bits have been upgraded also) Looking to upgrade my clutch, tune, and IC after Summer 2018 and try...
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    Whats a good budget starter suspension setup??

    Agreed, gotta start somewhere, I've pushed them quite a bit, and pleasantly surprised with their grip limits overall and good learning experience on being able to tell when their losing grip and when they're spinning. Not really a tire that makes a lot of noise at the limits. Do you have and...
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    Whats a good budget starter suspension setup??

    Shocks are new, along with all bushings and hardware replaced about 7 months ago front and rear at the same time as the power upgrades. Should I look at the bushings loaded on with the car on a jack?
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    Whats a good budget starter suspension setup??

    Awesome, Not looking to lower the car, so plus one. I think I need to replace the rear bushings, but how would I know for sure? There is a clunk back there over bumps and dips that's only noticable at slower speeds. Also good to know, however the local auto wrecking yards seem to be in very...
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    Whats a good budget starter suspension setup??

    I was able to read down to post #18 on that thread last night, going to continue over the next few days. Trying to soak everything in for the moment. IDB, Ive tried to find some of their products over the last year or so, really hard to do. Thank you both for the help.
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    Whats a good budget starter suspension setup??

    This question may not fit in this board but...What's a good suspension setup that I can start with on a budget? Springs and sway-bars? Vehicle of choice is my 2002 daily 5dr Golf TDI. Mods include a VNT-17, SB Stage 2 End, DLC764 injectors, and a MAlone Stage 4 custome tune, brembo slotted...
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    Add 30hp to 1.9 ALH

    All very good info. No intention of jacking the thread here just my .02, OP I believe you will get what you're looking for with either a tune or nozzles, you can get more than what you want with both, but everything will work better together with both options. Plus you'll keep your reliability...
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    Water Methanol injection on a TDI?

    I realize this thread is quite old, however...I see everybody is injecting, post intercooler...why wouldn't you inject pre-intercooler? Or maybe both? Thanks, Tom
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    Road trip distance?

    Not planning on running the tank dry, just topping off in Phoenix & New Mexico. I have a 5 gal diesel can I'll top off with Propel synthetic bio just in case. Found my optimum blend to be about 33-40% Propel with 67-60% D2 gives me 51mpg @ 75mph. So carrying a 5gal reserve of higher Cetane...
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    200,000 mile club... roll call!

    Just turned 270K tonight! Yay! Forgot what my previous past was, but it was a while back. Sent from my iPhone.
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    Road trip distance?

    Sweet! Thank you guys. Spare is good to go, have all the appropriate tools, need the FAF though. I was also curious, are there any club members out there along my route, that if need be could help out with any roadside emergencies if needed? Timing belt comes to mind (although mine has less than...
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    Road trip distance?

    Admin, please move if I'm not in the right spot. So I'm looking to plan a trip from San Bernardino County, CA to Fort Worth, TX in April. I just finished a trip out to NV totaling 770mi round trip and 51.09mpg. It was a good trip, guy's weekend away that I've been wanting to do for about a year...
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    What did you do to your car today?

    So, not today, but Saturday & Monday (cause I had to cover a shift on Sunday) took out the very used Bilsteins and I believe original springs and installed the factory "sport" front suspension. Oh my wow was that passenger side a PITA...driver side took a half day on Monday, but all that's left...
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    What did you do to your car today?

    Not today, but over the weekend I installed vortex generators. Cabin noise is mildly quieter, mileage however will be tested next weekend just to see the differences. Not expecting much of an increase or decrease, but we'll see. Sent from my iPhone.
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    SoCal Show and Shine, Wrenching, Dyno GTG June 20, 2015

    FYI, I was set back a bit on everybody's videos due to a back injury, but it seems I have a couple days required off my feet so this is what I'm working on currently. Sent from my iPhone.
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    Colt Stage II cam community dyno vote

    Yes, you can blame me for getting DC started on this stuff at an early age lol well dad & myself. Either way, I find it interesting to see whatever language he speaks, written down on the forum. Fairly quantifiable data & theories posted here. Sent from my iPhone.
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    Camshaft Data

    Subscribed also... Sent from my iPhone.