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    How much interest is there for a MkIV TDI wagon?

    I'll post pictures later. I remember back when a new TDI was posted on craigslist the poor guy's phone rang off the hook for two days. Is that still the case? Car has been looked after by New England gurus. Timing chain is good. Body has rust. CEL light burned out.
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    What did you do to your car today?

    Last week was Crank Position Sensor and Coolant Temperature Sensor. This morning I replaced the driver's side tie rod and ball joint. First time. Hard to screw it up with such ridiculously helpful walkthroughs like this one: Of course, I did...
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    Passat wagon seat swap into Jetta wagon.

    I called. It is an '03 Passat. Looks like a bust for me, thanks Votblindub.
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    Passat wagon seat swap into Jetta wagon.

    I should verify the model of the Passat. I'll try and post pictures in a minute.
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    Passat wagon seat swap into Jetta wagon.

    I found a passat wagon with decent leather seats in a junkyard. They quoted me $250 for all of them. Looks like power adjust heated seats, my jetta wagon has neither. Will both the fronts and rears just drop into place? Will I need my soldering iron to get the power adjustments working...
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    Will passat wagon seats easily swap into jetta wagon?

    .... delete this post. It is in the wrong category and I'm reposting it.
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    What did you do to your car today?

    Added roof rack cross bars for two 12' kayaks. Went camping hauling a 14' popup and the kayaks. Hit 330k Km. Added windshield fluid. Love my car and NH. Warning: Large photo:
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    What did you do to your car today?

    Changed oil with the oil extractor. Checked the cabin filter for the first time... full of NH in there, isn't it? Also, full of holes. Ordered a replacement. That's my leatherman pocking through there.
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    What did you do to your car today?

    How would I determine if it is or is not? I bought it used in the USA and it is of Canadian origin if that makes any difference. ( metric dash )
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    What did you do to your car today?

    Filled the tires. That rust colored spot in the wheel well I promised myself I would have repaired last year? Too late. Rusted through and spreading. DAMNIT How does one proceed to find reputable bodywork shops?
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    What did you do to your car today?

    Swapped in two new rear hatch struts on the wagon. Almost a one handed leatherman job if not for the step ladder to hold the hatch up.
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    2003 Jettawagon TDI

    Jeremy, you have to post the epic pics of wagon on wagon action!
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    Drove home an '03 wagon!

    I know some of them. :) What tell is there that it is a GLS? The car is in very nice shape. Looks like the interior has been reupholstered. ( The lumber support dials are removed and covered over, etc ) No stability control, aftermarket radio, seems the antennae isn't working, missing...
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    Drove home an '03 wagon!

    To own it forever?
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    Drove home an '03 wagon!

    I've been searching for over a year! Closed the deal, bought next day airfare, and drove her home yesterday. Baltimore, MD to Manchester, NH on half a tank - and A/C all the way.
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    Southern New England GTG: Saturday November 6th in RI. Tuning & Lift available!

    Man I missed out on Herm coming to RI for a change?! I hope not to be so damned busy next time. Maybe I'll catch y'all in NH.
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    Clutch Replacement - What Else.

    Hi Myke. I'm in the same boat here. My car has been off the road more than it's been on. Had back to back failing turbo oil lines, and at the same time the clutch went. I'll PM you as well. It's an A3 '98 Jetta.
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    No more dieselgeek A3/B4 short shifters

    Yup, that was what I was referring to.
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    Anyone ever added heated seats?

    Further reading suggests the Passat's 60/40 split rear seats are a no go on my car? I need to find a Jetta GLX specifically?