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    RNS 315 re-installation

    So, I reached out for the dealer to see if they kept codes on replacements by chance. They don't but the service manager offered to scan it for no charge. She mentioned that it was 50/50 whether or not that it would be required - she's seen it go both ways. Knowing I had nothing to lose, I...
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    RNS 315 re-installation

    Sadly, a back surgery is forcing me to part with my Passat. An installer replaced the RNS 315 with an aftermarket set up, and now I need to put it back. The installer has since moved. I think it should be fairly simple since the installer used proper aftermarket harnesses and adaptors. There...
  3. J

    A&K Eurowerx

    A&K Eurowerx worked out pretty good Just posting a follow up: Had LOF, DEF and four new tires installed at A&K. Reasonably priced, nice guys and the work was done correctly. If you are looking for a "pretty" shop, this isn't the place, but they are competant and knowlegable. Its not a TDI...
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    Intermittent Blues

    "2. Phone Bluetooth connectivity. About 10-15% of the time, it won't connect to my android phone even though it's listed in the display" This is my third TDI, and all have had this issue. I travel for work, and it's unaccptable. This car (15 Passat - non-Fender audio) had a new bluetooth module...
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    Verifying door latch failure

    All: Thanks for the help. Confirmed bad latch assembly. My car has 39K, VW covered the part under warranty after talking with them. Dealer hit me for a hundred and change to swap it out, which I believe is fair. My garage isn't heated, and with my fairly low skill set I was a little nervous...
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    Verifying door latch failure

    740, I just spent some time looking through the owners manual looking for automatic door lock. I couldn't find it, I did find automatic unlock settings (for example, unlocking all of the doors when the unlock button is pushed on the fob). Is that something I need to get the VCDS in order to...
  7. J

    Verifying door latch failure

    Oilhammer, I think it's time that I invest in some sort of scan tool. I know your a pro - is there a model that you'd reccomend for an owner who falls in a "less than hobbyist" but "more than casual" category?
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    Verifying door latch failure

    I've isolated the door to front passenger door by opening and closing all of them several times. Is it possible that another door is the issue?
  9. J

    Verifying door latch failure

    Hi All I wanted to verify this is a door latch failure on a 15 Passat - most of what I've read here and elsewhere says that this is common in rear doors, but I havent seen much in passenger side front doors, where my issue is. The symptoms are similar, but not exact... 1- dome lights won't turn...
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    I NEED fender sound system pleasEEEEE

    I had a shop install a Sony XAV200. They replaced the seakers with Pioneer D series and installed a dd audio 12" sub and mono amp. They used the amp from the head unit for the speakers because of the budget. It sounds 8,000,000 times better than the factory set up, and 4,000 times better than...
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    A&K Eurowerx

    I called Cantech too, really high is an understatement. They are highly rated, but they tend to work on higher end cars than my Passat. I'm coming on the 40 K in the next month or so, and will give Eurowerx a crack at the DSG and LOF. I also need fromt brakes, where Eurowerx is actually a couple...
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    Getting Frustrated....

    Oilhammer, I'm in this situation now - any reccomendations for replacements?
  13. J

    Missing Aux port in center console

    Mine had a blank cover that I removed to install a USB port for my after market radio. If I sell my car, there will be an empty hole there, so I suspect this may have happened in your car.
  14. J

    A&K Eurowerx

    Does anyone have any experience with A&K Eurowerx in Syracuse? Quoted me $249 for DSG service, wondering if anyone has worked with them. That seems inexpensive - $349 at dealer. They were recomended by my car audio guy. Thanks in advance.
  15. J

    front brakes replaced

    Thanks for this. I did ask my dealer as I also bough NOS last year, and he told me that the brakes were replaced prior to delivery. I believe him.
  16. J

    front brakes replaced

    I came here searching for brake related issues. Today, the dealer quoted $485 to replace front brakes. Honestly, they are pulsing. Dealer states that although the front pads and rotors have plenty of meat, they need to be replaced. I'm baffled, this rig has only 31k highway miles on it. My JSW...
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    2015 Passat Warranty Clarification Needed

    I'm still wondering what the addition of the engine block sentence at the end of it all means. It's not bullet-ed like it's extended, but I can't believe that the listed parts weren't a part of the original drive train warranty.
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    2012 to 2015 Passat roof rack system?

    Thank you for the pics, they look nice. Once they are set, do you just take them off and put them on in the same place, or do they need to be reset each time?
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    DSG DIY tune install

    Is that shipping now for the '15?