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    How to: solve the 04 BEW hard starts and 16705 G28 fault code.

    great writeup. hope this gets my car back on the road
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    Romans ALH BEW and BRM parts thread

    EGR cooler bypass pod Looking for a good BEW EGR cooler bypass pod. Any chance you may have one?
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    Anyone still like to meet ? NC?

    Oh man! I thought these kind of things had died out. Although we are just a few years older we are still the same old crew that was crazy enough to drive great distances to meet in DanG144's back yard in the middle of winter. Thanks to his lovely wife and others who kept us warm and our bellys...
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    FS: 2003 Golf Totaled $500 OBO VA

    More pictures please. What size are the BBS RC's and condition of the tires? I am local.
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    TDI Mechanic Recommendations (between DC and Richmond)

    Matt see if Ninedee Golf TDI is still doing timing belt etc. He did one for me a few years ago and it was reasonably priced. I purchased all the parts and he did the work. He may be able to help you with the other things as well. He is located in the Stafford area.
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    2002 Jetta TDI - Parting Out - VA - 22551

    Do you have the black glove box door and the arm rest? Inner fender wells in good condition? Which radio does it have?
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    Wtb driver side window motor(01 tdi)

    Driver's Power Window Motor I'm sure I have one in RVA area. Will have to check in the am and let you know.
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    MK4 Wagon Seats question

    Part Number Anyone know the part number for the adapter or have pictures or the part needed?
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    Cant figure ot this water leak. Help! (PICS)

    How do you get to the hoses on the back of the block for this part? This is the part that runs under the tandem pump and swells and gives out after diesel fuel leaks onto it after awhile. PN 1J0122447ER.
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    Cant figure ot this water leak. Help! (PICS)

    GForce1108 that is the hose that is leaking on my car. Do you have a part number for it?
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    Cant figure ot this water leak. Help! (PICS)

    I have the same leak on my 04 Jetta wagon with BEW engine. It leaks from a hose on the back of the head upper driver's side. It has no relation to a radiator being bad or a radiator hose. It is raining here so once I can get outside I will find out what line is leaking.
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    2016, January 30 GTG at DanG144's Chapin, SC

    Maybe I can get a mom's day out and come back and see some of the old gang.
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    Replacing 12V power port in Jetta Wagon

    How many fasteners does it have hold it in?
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    Replacing 12V power port in Jetta Wagon

    I don't think is is glued as I have removed some screws from it. just can't tell if I am missing another screw. I really don't want to take the trim out if I don't have to do so.
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    Replacing 12V power port in Jetta Wagon

    I am wanting to replace the power port in the luggage compartment but can't figure out how this foam block comes out. Do I have to remove the trim first?
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    Warning: screwed by lake bums, aka urinsuranceagent, real name Gary Wagner

    I had a similar occurrence. I called the state police and explained the situation to him. He was more than happy to make a visit to the residence. I received my part a few days later in the mail.
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    Low/Hi beam lights work no DRL's

    Parking brake Light is not working. Now to remove console and fix the switch. Anyone know the part number for the switch and or where I can purchase it?
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    Low/Hi beam lights work no DRL's

    I will double check but I'm sure the parking brake light came on earlier when I was looking at the car last week. I sure hope it is the PB switch because I don't like chasing wires. Thanks for all your help.
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    Low/Hi beam lights work no DRL's

    I also took the HL switch out of my 01 Jetta Wolfsburg and tested the DRL's the same way as on my wagon and the DRL's came on. BTW I had swapped the HL swtiches prior to the test as well.