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    Tinting windshield (clear) - worth it?

    CTX film in the south last 3-5 years if you are lucky I had it on my last car. llumar has some major glue failure issues. I would not recommend that brand at all. Global or xpel has higher heat rejection and last far longer. I put 50% on all my windshields but even a 70% makes a big difference...
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    Flashing Glow Plug Light w/ Strange (to me) Code

    There are several tdi specialist in jax fl familiar with that car. I would get it to one of them for diagnosis. Both companies listed below work on many of these common rail cars. tint specialist west 904-772-6700 southside euro 904-240-1440
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    Malone stage 3 question/opinions for an ALH?
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    Short shifter

    I have a used dg short shift for a mk4 I don't need I sold the car. $100 shipped
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    GTD build... wife

    You have a malone dealer in jax incase you were not aware. He is on 103rd he did my wifes car. Tint Specialist West 904-772-6700
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    A3tdi exhaust upgrades

    2.6 k to put a turbo on wow. I would have flown to Cali and done it for less.
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    complete 5 speed swap

    Bump 1400 for a r5 speed swap installed in any mk4 2000-2003. I would recommend buying a new clutch though.
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    WTB AHU/1Z crankshaft

    Krout has a complete motor head is seized from timing belt snap i believe bottom end spins fine I think he only wanted 150 for the whole thing. here is his shop number 904-772-6700
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    toyota adapter plate

    how much you want for it?
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    toyota adapter plate

    it should fit any toyota 22re trans from 85- 95 or so. you can swap a 4 cyl bell housing onto a v6 trans.
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    toyota adapter plate

    fits tdi to a 4cyl manual toyota trans.
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    complete 5 speed swap

    after election bump
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    toyota adapter plate

    no one is doing a swap that needs this.
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    toyota adapter plate

    sold sold sold sold
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    complete 5 speed swap

    How about 1400 for the swap and he will install it for you.
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    complete 5 speed swap

    friday bump will ship make an offer
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    complete 5 speed swap

    700 for just the trans itself or 1000 for the whole swap
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    complete 5 speed swap

    Tuesday bump