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    88 VW Bug TDI (Snappy Orange) For Sale (NE Ohio)

    Thanks. I don't know though. I've had two medical issues and now owe approx. $100,000.00 in bills. Yeah it stinks. I had the same job for 25 years. It's all gone.
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    88 VW Bug TDI (Snappy Orange) For Sale (NE Ohio)

    It's a 98 and red. Had my friend list it. It has had timing belts replaced every 50,000 miles. I'm unemployed. Car has basically sat for 2 years. I don't have $ to get license tags and pay for insurance. I feel like its going to die just sitting there. It's a great car but with my home in...
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    88 VW Bug TDI (Snappy Orange) For Sale (NE Ohio)

    1998 VW Bug TDI (Snappy Orange) For Sale (NE Ohio) Original owner of this beauty. Bad luck forces sale of car that was to be life long driver. 140K well-tuned miles. Michelin original spec tires are nearly new (Less than 10K Miles). 501 injectors make it really fun to drive. 38 mpg city...
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    Engine knock upon accelleration

    Does the power drop off then the knock and smoke comes? If so you probably have over boost limp mode causing it. I'm having an issue with my MAP sensor. Today I had to floor it to get across the road. The car took off then limp hit and I had HUGE black smoke out the back and HORRIBLE missing and...
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    Timing belt roller marks!

    It's rubber goo from the timing belt. Though your belt looks too smooth and clean to have left that. Makes me wonder whether they replaced those little rollers at the 100,000mi timing belt change. If I were you I would change them just to be safe. You don't have to do a whole timing belt change...
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    Time versus mileage

    It is recommended for any belts as they breakdown from ozone and just everyday use regardless of mileage. I would trust a 2 year old belt with 100,000mi on it more than I would a 7 year old belt with 40,000mi on it. Just my opinion
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    engine sounds louder, more throaty and hollow..

    HA HA!!! I was going to say that EXACT thing! My car did the same. It would sound normal until I pushed in the clutch to change gears. As the engine decelerated it would make a vrooommm noise. The weld cracked right at the cat. My garage put JB weld on and it's holding so far. In the spring I'm...
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    Flywheel issues

    It is a common issue with DMF's just look on youtube. BMW, Chevy, Ford lots of videos out there showing sloppy and broken DMF's. My Beetle DMF is almost 12 years old and 150,000mi on it and is fine while others fail. Don't know why though.
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    Looking at buying another. Just 1 question.

    Holy crap! I didn't know those things could rust that much. That tells me it's a neglected car and I wouldn't buy it. An "aware" person would see small blemishes forming and take care of them before that could happen. Looking at the state of that makes me wonder what else they've "overlooked"...
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    expensive problems at dealer! Help!

    I would think they would want to fix them. That's all labor dollars. They could charge you 10 hours labor and that all goes in the dealers pocket. What is the markup of these things that they would rather replace them.
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    expensive problems at dealer! Help!

    Also make sure the leak isn't from the fuel filter drain cock. I've heard of that being the issue.
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    How do I swap the end of the shift linkage over on shifter weight?

    I'm glad I got an early run 98 Beetle. The weight is just bolted on without any cable connection to it. I removed that weight 11 years ago. The shifting feels more crisp and natural and there is a lot less stress placed on the shifting rods without that stupid thing vibrating around.
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    Help - Intermittent Open Circuit AIRBAG IGNITER

    Mine did that JUST before a trip a few year back. It was the connection under the seat. The contacts were oxidizing.
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    boost limits? can we modify the boost limits?

    You can buy the Audi MAP sensor at TDIparts which gives you 3 more psi of boost. I have that.
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    manual tranny shift issues after slamming brakes

    It could have jerked the transmission and moved the linkage adjustment a little. There is a bolt in a slot on the linkage. It might have slipped.
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    Why is it a bad idea to turn on your TDI and leave it idling?

    Hey when it's super cold and my windows are frozen the bi*ch is going to idle 'til it thaws. I must have a totally crazy TDI because mine warms up at idle and defrosts everything.
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    Riding the clutch

    That's how I always drive away on a hill. I let the clutch out while still on the brake til I feel the car pulling then I let off the brake and drive off. I never drift backwards at all. The engine is at idle so you aren't harming the clutch. (I mean you don't hold it on the hill. You just...
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    Redlining a cold PD. Bad?

    You're fine. I have done that a million times in the 11 years I've owned my Beetle and the thing is fine and doesn't need any oil added between 10,000 mile oil changes!
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    transmission question...

    No better from what I've read on this site.
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    MAF problems

    I meant Audi MAP