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    If you are considering buyback which cars are you looking at as replacements?

    Feb 6 is my paperwork day for the buyback. Already replaced my 2009 Jetta with a 2014 Tesla Model S P85 (no autopilot)
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    Good EGR/DPF Delete shop in Dallas tx?

    +1 for Brian. He is solid
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    DPF Delete Question

    80K last I checked. IMHO the benefit of "active regen DPF" systems should be revisited. Just like the addition of ethanol to gas. Both should be deeply reviewed.
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    DPF vs. 10% MPG Gain

    I am right around the 38MPG average CITY. Malone stage 2 and LOVE the responsiveness. At least 5 times a week I see the light "Blinking" followed by a BIG smile on my face. Enjoy your stage 1.5 and say clean San Diego.
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    Mileage is going downhill

    Very true!
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    Fs: Rcd-510

    Sold Yesterday Afternoon
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    2009 Jetta TDI Performance

    The answer can be found in my signature
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    Fs: Rcd-510

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    Fs: Rcd-510

    Upgraded to a RNS-510. RCD-510 with Phone Button $375 + shipping Manual with radio code included. PM me for any questions.
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    CR140 Flapper Valve Performance...

    Thanks for the clarification. Wow, 80c difference. Are you leaving your plugged in? Do you think the hotter EGT will cause excessive damage over the log term? Thanks again!
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    CR140 Flapper Valve Performance...

    I am fairly certain Storx confirmed Malone's tune does not disable or address the flapper. My guess is the newly programmed ECU ignores the fault thrown when the flapper is unplugged. That would be the only explanation I could see.
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    CR140 Flapper Valve Performance...

    I unplugged mine to see if I would get a CEL. 2 days now of running around town and no CEL. I would be cautious unplugging yours if you still have a DPF. More soot is NOT a good thing for a DPF. Perhaps the valves also reduce the soot load on the DPF? Just a thought.
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    RCD-510 swap into 09 JSW

    ...Disregard... Missed that you didn't have factory installed Satellite radio.
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    09,,,2.0 particulant flter clogged

    Here is a thread where someone successfully cleaned their DPF:
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    which tires will make me happy

    +1 Another vote for the Cont extreme dws
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    TDI Used Oil Lab Analyses Results & Discussions

    Oil Analysis Results After finding a large amount of fine dust on my AFE filter, thread here: I had an oil analysis done. So I figured I would share the results with the forum. In summary, all seems well. 09 Jetta 45,000 miles Stage2 tune/...
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    203 thermostat mod??

    Plenty to read through on this thread.. A good start at least.
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    AFE Dry Filter

    Thanks! I'll give one of those a shot.
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    AFE Dry Filter

    Checked it and again, it is tight, but not as tight as the factory filter. Dropped it back in and and made sure all screws were tight around the airbox. I am going to check it again in 1K miles. If there is any evidence of dust getting around the filter, it's gone. I might get a silicon...