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    engine stumble

    I will let my mechanic know about these suggestions as I do not work on my Jetta , thanks for the help
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    engine stumble

    my 06 Jetta TDI has a bad stumble when I use cruise control and the rpm's are under 2000. I have to go around 105 km's to avoid it or maybe it is not noticeable at the higher rpm. It almost seems like the motor shuts off and then restarts if I am running in 5th at 1600 to 1800 [85km's/hr] This...
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    parked Jetta

    I keep it because my daily drivers are a 1998 Jeep Wrangler and a 04 Chevy Silverado . The Jeep is rough riding ,the Silverado is a gas guzzler , so my 06 Jetta , rides beautifully , has all leather interior, gets fantastic mileage , looks good and cruises all day at 65/70 with no problems. That...
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    parked Jetta

    How often should I start my 06 Jetta diesel when it is parked for long periods of time. Since it is not my daily driver and I only use it for trips , it could sit for 2 mths or so in my garage . Is it advisable to fire it up every couple of weeks and bring it up to operating temp ? Any advice...
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    blue white puff on start up mk5 tdi

    My 2006 Jetta has 293,000kms , it also smokes when started , however since it is not my daily driver and is only used maybe once a month my mech told me not to worry about it [ I get 50-55 mpg on trips ] Just had all 4 fenders , hood ,trunk lid and both rocker panels replaced under the rust...
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    Who have more than 250,000 miles on 06 jetta tdi?

    291500 on my 06 Jetta , just had all 4 fenders , trunk lid , hood and both rocker panels replaced under VW rust perforation warranty. Brand new body now never had engine or driveline problems , only use it for trips , not my daily driver. will probably last me for my lifetime
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    Anyone try fighting VW Canada re Rust Warranty?

    took my 06 Jetta to Knights Autohaus VW in Winnipeg for rust perforation,they took pictures etc and about 3 weeks later said to bring it in for repairs. They surprised me when they said they were replacing the hood,r/s front fender,l/s front fender,r/s rocker panel,l/s rocker panel ,r/r...
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    Just bought 06 Jetta TDI

    It is checked over at all services and does not require anything , maybe I am really 'lucky' or got the one in a million . As I said no stop and go city driving seems to be the answer .:)
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    Just bought 06 Jetta TDI

    My 06 Jetta TDI has 300kms on it , still stock with no problems at all. I was told that stop and go city driving is what kills these cars so I have a chevy HHr for any local short outings and only drive my diesel for longer trips . Change the timing belt as required , very important , also...
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    rust perforation

    I would like to thank everyone who commented on my rust question. I took my 06 Jetta TDI to AutoHaus inWPG where they took pictures etc and sent them to VW Canada. VW Canada has just informed me thru AutoHaus that they are going to REPLACE the hood,both front fenders,both rocker panels,r/r...
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    repair shops in manitoba,can

    where can you list a extremely good VW repair shop located in Manitoba?:confused:
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    rocker panel rust

    contacted StJames VW in Winnipeg,Mb. 12 yrs warranty applies in Canada. Told to bring the car in next time I go to Manitoba and they will take pics etc and send to VW Canada. Then just wait for a decision
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    rocker panel rust

    what is the rust warranty on VW's. would it cover the rocker panels on my 2006 Jetta TDI. I bought it last year with 200,000 + kms on it. going to fix it anyway but just wondering about this warranty,thanks for any info:confused:
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    rocker panel rust

    what is the VW rust warranty ? Would it cover the rocker panels on my 06 Jetta TDI ? I bought the vehicle used last year and it has 260,000 kms on it. Love the car and will fix the rust anyway but any info will be appreciated,thanks.:confused:
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    06 rocker panels

    Would the rocker panels from a 2005 Jetta 4 dr work on a 2006 Jetta ? I cannot locate 06 panels [ lots of the brackets are available ] but everyone seems to stock panels for the 05. Would appreciate any info, thanks .:confused:
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    rocker panels

    Has anyone bought replacement rocker panels for a 2006 Jetta TDI ? Every place seems to stock the brackets but I can't find rocker panels anywhere. Would 2005 panels fit,seems everyone has them ? Thanks
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    Hiccup while driving (for the lack of better words)

    my 06Jetta does the 'hiccup' when the rpm's are under 2000 in cruise,I just downshift to 4th and reset the cruise and it does not occur again
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    Washer pump -- reduced pressure

    had the common problem [broken washer hose] used rubber gas line , forced original washer ribbed line inside and wrapped with the RED GREEN FIX [duct tape] I also rerouted washer lines so there is no more sharp bending when opening and closing hood. seems to work like new[fingers crossed]
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    warm up after starting

    I have been using my window scraper jammed onto the throttle to bring the RPM's up to 1800/1900 after starting for about 3to 5 mins . This bring the temp up and heater is blowing warm air. Since my big rig had a 'fast idle' switch I was wondering why my 06 Jetta does not? Am I doing any damage...
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    #1 or #2 diesel

    thank you YATZEE,never had a problem starting always in garage but had pan heater installed this summer just in case.