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    2014 Touareg

    I upgraded from a 2010 JSW TDI to a 2014 Touareg Sport TDI. I loved the jetta, but given my height & arthritic spine, it was harder getting in & out. I love the Touareg. Very comfortable, great drive, more zip than the jetta. Fuel economy drops from 28-30 city to 22 or so & on the road from 40...
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    Touareg vs Jeep Grand Cherokee

    RE original post, I looked at and drove the JGC diesel before I got my Touareg. I liked the drive. My concern was a # of posts about problems with the Jeep's transmission. So far, after 1 year, no problems with my Touareg TDI sport. Best car I've owned.
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    Considering trading a '11 sportwagen tdi for a '12 Touareg TDI

    I upgraded from a 2010 JSW to a 2014 Touareg Sport. The main reason was my creaky bones were having a harder time getting in & out of the Jetta. The T-reg is much more comfortable. Power is better. Pittsburgh is not quite, but almost as bad as Boston for winter weather so the 4wd will be a nice...
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    DSG: "D" or Shift mode?

    I haven't tested it RE mileage, but I would agree that generally the computer will do better than me. I shift manually for the hills. The computer wants to upshift me to 4th going up a hill at 25 or 30. Similarly, down hill I often shift manually to get the braking. It will have me in 5th or 6th...
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    What MPG do you get at 70mph?

    I just upgraded or downgraded, depending on perspective. My 2010 JSW TDI got just over 40 mpg at highway speeds & my Touareg is getting around 30.
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    2010 VW Jetta TDI - Bluetooth Audio

    I had a 2010 JSW TDI with the touchscreen/bluetooth/nav. It was as mentioned I believe, hit media & it would just come through. My wife's phone, which wasn't paired, we would just use a male to male headphone jack cable & then use aux for the input.
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    ? RE biodiesel

    Thanks all. I was confused about what my station was offering & I appreciate madcap helping me out. As much as anything I wanted to know if it was VW being overly cautious or if the concern about bio diesel was real. One of the responses on Club Touareg was convincing. Apparently, MB pulled...
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    ? RE biodiesel

    Thanks. I dug further & they do say it's B5. The 1st giant eagle site I saw made it look like it was all biodiesel & then had a link to a biodiesel site. That's good to know that I can save the 70 cents/gal & not void my warranty. No great desire to use B100 just wanting to save $'s.
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    ? RE biodiesel

    I spent an hour going through the biodiesel threads. In Pgh, biodiesel is 70 cents < regular diesel. I have a 2014 Touareg TDI. Previously I had a 2010 JSW TDI & I fed it biodiesel periodically without any problem. The station in Pittsburgh, Getgo, seems to have a high quality fuel, 100%...
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    Toureg off-road?

    I can't speak to off road. I just moved from a 2010 JSW TDI to a 2014 Touareg TDI Sport. I love it. More power than the Jetta & more comfortable. Sorry for your loss, hope only the car was injured, & good luck with your car buying.
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    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    Puzzling in Pittsburgh--most stations are at $4.50, but a few at $4 even.
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    Touareg vs Q5

    I'm a little in the same boat. My priorities are: #1 diesel. # 2 size--I'm more comfortable in a bigger car, also my adult kids as well as my golf buddies are 6 footers, so it's nicer to have a roomier back seat. After 4 years in a Jetta I'm ready to back to an SUV, also I need the 4WD in...
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    Jetta Diesel vs. Jetta Gas reliability...

    1. We're a 3 Jetta family. 2002 JSW with the 1.8 turbo, 2006 sedan with the 2.5, & 2010 JSW TDI. My kids drive the others & I've been very pleased with the diesel. All automatic. No problems with any of them. 2. RE service, we've primarily used the dealer. The main thing is finding a mechanic...
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    267k mi too much?

    I've driven 10 cars/suv's in the last year in my search. I have a jetta TDI & I love diesel. I'm likely getting a Touareg TDI in the next year. Also, I'm a mere 6'2, but given a little arthritis in my spine, I'm more like someone a couple inches taller. On a budget, I think you'll be better with...
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    In the market for a larger vehicle

    I'm sticking with the touareg. Other options don't work for me. I'll be doing the sport TDI. No hurry as my current car is great. I'll probably pick up a 2014 when the 15's come out to get a discount. Here's what it came down to. Small SUV's, I don't fit, my head hits & I have to get in like an...
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    In the market for a larger vehicle

    Thanks VW/Porsche Fahrer, great article. Makes me more confident about my choice. I have a JSW TDI. I've been pleased with VW. Still several months off from trading in. My car is 4 + years old & I like to keep them 5. Most likely I'll get a 2014 when the 15's come out, if any are available.
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    In the market for a larger vehicle

    I just test drove the Jeep GC diesel. Nice car, nice ride, engine very responsive. My only concern is that on Edmunds there are numerous user reviews of the 2014 JGC with people having problems with the transmission. I guess it's a bad idea to by a car with a new transmission the 1st year. Back...
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    Door lock issues

    Same thing. It waited until the warranty was out to behave that way consistently. Initially it was once a month. By the time I got tired of it, it was staying stuck about 1 time out of 3. You had to open the door from inside because the power lock or outside latch wouldn't work. I believe it was...
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    In the market for a larger vehicle

    Thanks all. I'll definitely check with Chris, a lot of good buzz about him on this site. RE size, of vehicle, I need more headroom than most sedans and room for 4 sets of golf clubs, so I'll probably go with the Touareg. RE MB, I didn't like the little "turn signal" stem & paddles for...
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    In the market for a larger vehicle

    Thanks. Great suggestions. I will check out the A6. I don't need the hauling space so much, just greater headroom. Still likely leaning towards the Treg.