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    Filters + DSG Funnel Kit

    bump for new 45$ price on filters.... surely/shirley someone needs :)
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    Filters + DSG Funnel Kit

    Hi All, Selling what is left after turn in. Sunroof lube and filters still avail Selling separately: SOLD 1 kit- ID parts DSG Funnel Kit. $22$ shipped to continental US Includes Funnel, Hose and DSG Transmission screw in plug adapter Used once, works like a dream. All is clean, Approx...
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    Ross-Tech Cable Micro-CAN for sale

    SOLD, thanks Ross-Tech Cable Micro-CAN cable Bought from Ross-Tech 12-22-2015. Used 2 times. Once when I received and once for DSG fluid change, works perfect of course! Product# VCuCAN $125 shipped to continental US. Can do paypal. shoot me a pm. SOLD, thanks
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    How long did your battery last?

    New JSW in May 2012, OEM battery lasted til 9/2014. 98K miles now......This week, while on 1000 mile road trip to so cal, heard what i thought was slow crank. sure enough Btty tested at 12.9 and the when running at 14.0.... so brought into Batteries Plus for load test. the 150.00 i spent in...
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    Volkswagen's Clean Air Act violations on 2009+ TDIs spark huge recall, investigations

    just a thought... maybe it was mentioned. "On or Before June 21." Second, the Plaintiffs' Steering Committee shall file a motion for preliminary approval of the settlement of the consumer class action complaint on or before June 21st, 2016 No matter how bad things may seem to VW, if I...
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    Curious if anyone has gotten a speeding ticket in their VW

    white 2012 JSW, wife and I 2 tickets and 2 warnings since ownership May 2012. (92K miles, cmon buyback, lol).... Oddity: after ticket 2 I bought a Escort Passport Max2. 3 MPH difference in Speedo and Radar unit. to the bad. if it says 79 on dash, its 82 on radar. Which is right? i have no...
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    JSW Rear hatch latch Problem

    2012 JSW 89,600 miles. mine went also, wife on road in bakersfield, ca with daughter...300 miles from home and tailgate wont shut. The good: R&R was piece of cake once home (2 days later and some good heated phone discussions on how to tie it shut!!!!) The bad: after knowing the price of $109...
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    80K w/DSG done in garage, not top fill

    1st post...had to share my DSG experience. 2012 JSW just over 80K oil was done already. first time doing a DSG tranny. Biggest Issue: Jacking the JSW to remain level to properly fill DSG from bottom. and the kicker, only jacking on jack points. My Issue: not going to use jack stands at...