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    Panoramic Sunroof Alignment

    If you are speaking of the panoramic sunroof adaptation procedure whereby you hold the sunroof close button down for 20 seconds, it does not change my alignment. Is there a different procedure? Believe it or not, I have been searching multiple forums for a fix for about a week. Perhaps you...
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    Panoramic Sunroof Alignment

    I'm pretty sure that my panoramic sunroof is not in the fully closed position and needs to be adjusted. This is on a '12 Sportwagen. . The front edge of the sunroof does not sit flush with the roof. When fully closed, I would estimate that it sits 1-2mm too low and 1-2mm open. See the below...
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    RCD510 from 2014 Jetta

    I now consider this matter closed. Let it go.
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    RCD510 from 2014 Jetta

    I am not a shady seller. The item was simply sold before this individual made payment. No money was ever sent or received. I thought we handled this over email? You really felt the need to blast me on the forums? That is shady.
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    HowTo: RNS-510 Installation + Coding ('09 Jetta)

    No sound system just means that you don not have the Fender or Dynaudio premium sound systems. Base models have 'no (high end) sound system' Also anyone find the compass module in a 2014+ Jetta? I've torm the trunk apart and that damned thing is not there. I've teaced all the wires. A little...
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    RCD510 from 2014 Jetta

    Yes I would do that. Pm me here or email me
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    RCD510 from 2014 Jetta

    ***Sold*** RCD510 out of my 2014 Jetta. $325 shipped. In great shape. I upgraded to the RNS. pm me here or reply if interested.
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    Heated Seats Help

    Thought I would return and close out this thread. Turns out the VCDS did the truck. Just needed to enable seat heating. In a slightly different area on my MKVI Jetta: Module 9, Byte 22, Bit 2. Thanks for the help!
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    Heated Seats Help

    I sincerely appreciate this! VCDS coming tomorrow. I'll update if all works!
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    Heated Seats Help

    This question applies to a Jetta GLI. It not diesel, but I was an active member on here when I had my Golf TDI so I though maybe you all could help. There is a lot of knowledge in these forums. I installed heated seats into my 2014 Jetta GLI (base). The interior came out of another 2014...
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    2009 -2011 CR Odometer Readings

    41,000 on my '12 purchased in Sep of 2011. Never one additive put in the fuel tank and I fill up at pretty much any gas station I see (although I avoid non name brands). Dealer serviced every 10k. Not one single issue so far. Drives like new. I don't even want to get rid of the car, but the...
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    How much did you pay for 40K Service?

    I paid $371.42 after a 20% off coupon @ Roseville VW in Northern CA. 40k service on a '12 TDI with 6 speed manual trans.
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    2012 Golf TDI - Candy White - Northern CA - $18000

    Let me bump this. I had quite a bit of interest from Craigslist but was unable to meet up with anyone at the time. Wife is pushing for an SUV so I told her I would try again to sell this thing. Just had the 40k service completed @ Roseville VW. Current mileage is 41,010.
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    2012 Golf TDI - Candy White - Northern CA - $18000

    I am the original owner. Picked up the car in Sept of 2011 from LITHIA VW in Denver, CO. Vehicle is located in Sacramento, CA 2012 Golf TDI Base Car has 39,800 miles on it. 4-Door All stock 6 speed manual Car has zero issue. Runs/Drives great. Excellent condition. I have the...
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    What's the limit on interuppted regens?

    I do not notice the regens either. It is definetly subtle (for me)
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    2011 Golf TDI- Car is getting very noisy!

    I have 37k on my stock Conti's and I would also estimate that I have about 40-50% tread left. These have been some of the best riding/quietest tires I have ever owned. I must be one of the few who like these tires and would prob replace with same.
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    0.9% apr from vw :(

    I have excelletn credit and ended up with 4.9%. Best VW had available for the TDI's at the time (Sep 2011).
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    just moved to DENVER, CO, please recommend me a good VW Dealer or independent shop

    Offering useful tips on where to post, asking people why they waste their money on exhaust tips... Every post I've seen of yours so far has been pretty worthless. Are you just trying to up your post count? Stay out of threads unless you have some actual advice or something to add to the...