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    The World's Smallest Car

    A tad lighter, a tad smaller, a tad less Jeremy... I did like the bit at the end, getting turned around waiting at the light. :D
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    Long-delayed diesel study published

    This is versus the finding with regards to exposure to gasoline engine exhaust, which was buried because all the exposees are dead.
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    Diesel Cop Car

    I agree with MrM, at least spring for the new Scorpion or a classic 7.3 to wedge under the hood. I have spotted an 80s Mustang that had some front-end work done to accommodate a twin-turbo modified 7.3PS and a suitable transmission. Looked good. Sounded great. Spooled like a demon and...
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    Are the facts correct in this GM bashing article?

    According to some folks "in the know" China has "electric buses capable of 100 miles per charge" already. Guess America better step up it's game. :rolleyes: I chose not to argue with him, especially since his claim was that their battery tech was "way better than the crap they export to us."...
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    I just bought a M35A2 the other day! Deuce and a Half

    I want one of those so bad... I have no need for one, but I want one. Is that equipped with the multifuel engine?
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    $90 ticket for a faulty tail light

    This isn't always possible. Lengthening lights can severely cut down on an intersection's throughput, with all the problems that can cause in urban and suburban environments. Longer lights may well lead to more frustrated drivers and thus more aggressive driving. Public safety is best served by...
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    Volkswagen still fighting new CAFE rules

    I love the guy trying to argue, in the comments, that diesels emit more pollution per gallon so we should be restricting them. The E85 thing is BS, too. I am all for E85, but CAFE should be about fuel economy, not petroleum economy.
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    $90 ticket for a faulty tail light

    Around here officers seem to give a lot of leniency for equipment issues. If you can fix it on the spot, no ticket or even warning is issued. Otherwise you get your ticket with a one week grace period (if it's a "drivable" violation, versus something like tires) to prove that it's been fixed...
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    Everyone seen the diesel bike?

    I know. Doesn't mean I have to like it. :(
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    Everyone seen the diesel bike?

    CVT only? Booo, no longer want. :(
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    Chevy 50 MPG Diesel coming in 2013

    Doesn't necessarily mean that they'll be sold here, unfortunately. :(
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    '94 Taurus GL - Oil Pressure

    It doesn't much seem to matter; the oil light flickers at low RPM, either idling or on decel. My first guess was electrical, but I thought perhaps flakey oil pressure sensors was a VW thing, so I thought I'd check on a couple different routes first. The change to the thicker oil was a recent...
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    '94 Taurus GL - Oil Pressure

    Was the distributor located up top, right hand side, kinda "in" the valley? There's a distributor shaped can looking thing, and the spark plug wires all appear and spread out from under a cover very near that canister-thingy. Very definitely a second-generation Taurus; I don't think the EDIS...
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    '94 Taurus GL - Oil Pressure

    140k. Rest of the car is in rather nice shape. Paint's faded, but the doors are still solid, the transmission shifts smoothly, the glass isn't fogging, HVAC stuff still works... really the flickering oil light and some front brake shimmy are the only issues, and we're replacing rotors this...
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    '94 Taurus GL - Oil Pressure

    Bit puzzled, and working on solving an issue that's been recurring for a while now. Well, two issues really, doubtfully related. First is the oil pressure issue, being more important. Oil pressure light is on at idle and low engine speeds. There is adequate, fresh oil of a proper weight (10w40)...
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    2012 Jetta Hybrid?

    Can we stop right here, let it do dual-fuel premium/E85, and shove it in the smallest chassis they can federalize? E85 + Boost + Compression = FUN! :D
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    Better remove the TDI badge from your car, it's offensive

    How about ITBTTDI on a Lupo? :D
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    1974 Corvette...with a TDI?

    Well, there's only one acceptable solution for this problem: V6/8 TDI. :D
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    Chevy 50 MPG Diesel coming in 2013

    Combination of factors. No dewatering system for the then-really-crappy fuel. Injection pump that could have been more refined from its agricultural roots. And an annoying tendency to fail unsafe, as pointed out by Toof there. Introduction of torque-to-yield head bolts, which were then...
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    GM Sonic

    I dunno, I kind of like the instrument cluster, and the hatchback doesn't look ugly to me at all. Maybe I just have different tastes.